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Is this middle name strange?

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SMom88 · 14/09/2023 03:57

Thinking of calling our daughter Olivia, middle name Bloom.

Is Bloom an acceptable middle name or is it too strange?

We wanted something unique and simple for her middle name to pair with Olivia, which is obviously very popular and thought Bloom was quite sweet.

Trying to avoid the more common single syllable names ie: Rose, May, Grace, Jane etc. 

Thank you 

OP posts:
erikbloodaxe · 14/09/2023 05:49

It's very strange sorry

Festivfrenzy · 14/09/2023 05:51

It's a bit odd, sounds like a surname and/but if you're having a flower first name it goes quite nicely?!
Just go with what you like!
I did that and like my kids middle names but in hindsight they are used so rarely and as my kids grow up and get to know wider family/cousins kids etc I wish I'd gone for a family middle name that tied them to their ancestors better. Didn't bother me at all when I was younger but now I think it was a wasted opportunity to keep the family connection going. Only relevant if you like your family/wider family I guess too!

Caspianberg · 14/09/2023 05:58

It doesn’t really matter what middle name is, as they can easily avoid if they don’t like it in future.

Olivia Laurel
Olivia Pearl
Olivia Delphine

YouHoooo · 14/09/2023 06:06

It’s fine, because everyone will assume it’s a family surname.

hattie43 · 14/09/2023 06:07

I think it's quite cute

RJnomore1 · 14/09/2023 06:07

I think it’s lovely.

A somewhat similar alternative might be Blossom?

Dragonwindow · 14/09/2023 06:09

Middle names are often strange. It's where you put the name you weren't brave enough to use as a first name 🤷‍♀️

Yoyoban · 14/09/2023 06:14

I agree with a pp that, due to Orlando, it sounds like a surname so if it's regularly used people may think it's part of a double barreled surname.

I also thought of Blossom as a similar alternative

sjj28358 · 14/09/2023 06:15

I think it's fine. Most people won't know her middle name and those who do, might assume it's a family surname carried forward.

PerspiringElizabeth · 14/09/2023 06:24

I think Blossom is nicer as Bloom does sound a bit surnamey.

I know kids with middle names Blossom, Meadow, Fox… rather go a bit wild in the middle than the first name, that’s what the middle is for if you ask me.

Blossom as a first name is painfully twee - once was at a place and this little Blossom was being soooo naughty and the parents very ineffectual and it just sounded pathetic ‘blossom sweetie no! Blossom don’t!’ Etc 😄 but middle I think is lovely.

PotteringAlonggotkickedoutandhadtoreregister · 14/09/2023 06:26

I thought mr Bloom!

go with blossom instead

BicOrange · 14/09/2023 06:40

Olivia Bloom. I like it, but it is very similar to Orlando Bloom.

wherethedevildontgo · 14/09/2023 06:42

I really like it

pilates · 14/09/2023 06:42

Blossom is better

Tinytigertail · 14/09/2023 06:53

I think Bloom is really sweet and works well as a middle name.

ShoesoftheWorld · 14/09/2023 06:56

It's a surname. Makes me think of Ulysses (James Joyce).

There are loads and loads of names out there that aren't Grace/Rose etc and aren't surnames.

ShoesoftheWorld · 14/09/2023 07:01

Oh, and nobody calls their children Jane any more. That's your best bet for unusual tbh. If it has to be single-syllable or short, how about Ruth, Zoe, Joy, Mary, Fern?

ChocolateCinderToffee · 14/09/2023 07:19

Fleur or Flora?

BadHairBae · 14/09/2023 08:12

I really like it. Yes, it is a little surname like. But it's actually very cute

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 14/09/2023 08:14

Olivia Bloom sounds like a character from a Jane Green "novel"

annahay · 14/09/2023 08:27

I know a little girl called Bloom. I think it's sweet, but not sure how it will sound when she's an adult. I think it would make a lovely middle name.

Gruelle · 14/09/2023 08:35

I like it!

It’s unusual - but not weird or offensive or embarrassing in any way. And it’s pretty.

davinasshorts · 14/09/2023 09:10

It's a surname. It's a bit strange but no more so than other popular names

DogInATent · 14/09/2023 09:13

Bloom is fine.
Blossom is ok if you're a pony.

yumyumscheeky · 14/09/2023 09:55

I love it. It sounds confident and someone you're unlikely to forget. I imagine an author or someone on the tv credits in the future...

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