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Alicia or Alice?

49 replies

GraceMF · 13/09/2023 16:29

We love them both, with the nickname 'Lissie' but can't decide on which! Like that Alicia is a bit less common than Alice but same sounds?

OP posts:
SadlyACupOfTeaDoesNotSolveEverything · 13/09/2023 16:31

Alice is my preference.

Topseyt123 · 13/09/2023 16:31

I like both too. I'd probably plump for Alicia, but could be persuaded to Alice too.

Beamur · 13/09/2023 16:31


Holly60 · 13/09/2023 16:33

Alicia for me

TomatoSandwiches · 13/09/2023 16:33

Alice, always Alice.

fartfacenotfatface · 13/09/2023 16:39

Bear in mind that Alicia can be pronounced Al-ee-sh-ya as well as A-liss-ee-a

KirstenBlest · 13/09/2023 16:39

Alice. Alicia will get called Aleesha

JanesBlond · 13/09/2023 16:40

Alice. I don’t like Alicia pronounced aleesha.

cherryassam · 13/09/2023 17:39

I prefer Alice.

The Lissy I know is a Felicity

GoodVibesHere · 13/09/2023 17:42

I prefer Alice, it's classic and pretty.

If I saw Alisia written down I would probably pronounce it more like 'Ahleeshiya'.

swedishgirl · 13/09/2023 17:57

Definitely Alice.

ciakace · 13/09/2023 19:11

Alicia, can use Alice as a nn

LadySlipper · 13/09/2023 19:13


Hawkins0009 · 13/09/2023 19:28

Alicia, from the good wife show

Needmorelego · 13/09/2023 19:47

I prefer Alice but why the 'nickname" Lissie? It's pretty much a completely different name as it doesn't really seem obvious it comes from Alice.
I would think a Lissie would be short for Melissa.

MrsBudd · 13/09/2023 19:48

How about Elissa as an alternative option?

Lemonademoney · 13/09/2023 19:49

beautiful, also like Alyssa? Or even Elissa?

OuiLaLa · 13/09/2023 19:51

Alice, it’s so beautiful I kind of wish I had called dd that. Also it’s not so common right now.

Lissie is definitely short for Melissa though!

PrimrosesandPears · 13/09/2023 19:51

I prefer Alicia but I think the alternative pronunciation and need to specify which she uses would be a bit frustrating.

BicOrange · 13/09/2023 19:53

She'll get Ali at school.

Just call her Lissie.

shoopshoopdedoo · 13/09/2023 19:54

Alice, definitely!

adriftinadenofvipers · 13/09/2023 19:55

Alice. All day long.

Bigthingssmall · 13/09/2023 19:55

Definitely Alice. Alicia will become Al. But Alice will remain Alice. And its nicer.

DinnaeFashYersel · 13/09/2023 19:57


WorkCleanRepeat · 13/09/2023 19:58

My Mum's name is Alicia. Most people call her Lisa because they can't pronounce it.

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