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GlizzyOverdrive · 12/09/2023 12:37

Honest thoughts?

OP posts:
InBedByTen · 12/09/2023 12:39

I absolutely love it. Beautiful and unfrilly.

Scruffington · 12/09/2023 12:39

I think it's okay but personally I find it a bit too austere. A bit puritan.

Sister to Martha and Hepzibah.

Cottagecheeseisnotcheese · 12/09/2023 12:39

really cool strong name, Perisan root meaning star also the Persian name of Biblical Queen
bonus a known name with straightforward spelling but not super popular

Iusedtoworkthere · 12/09/2023 12:42

Beautiful. One of my favourites.

CallieQ · 12/09/2023 12:43


MariePaperRoses · 12/09/2023 12:45

I knew three Esther's in the 1970s!

All were blonde, petite and pretty!

It's a lovely name.

pamshortsbrokenbothherlegs · 12/09/2023 12:52


I also adore Hester, but that's more of an acquired taste.

Theoldwoman · 12/09/2023 13:58

Love it!

KirstenBlest · 13/09/2023 18:09

I know two and think the name has strength and gentleness.

TempsPerdu · 13/09/2023 19:57

Really nice. Strong but approachable, serious, characterful, a little intellectual sounding. And I really like Essie as a nickname.

SirVixofVixHall · 13/09/2023 20:00

InBedByTen · 12/09/2023 12:39

I absolutely love it. Beautiful and unfrilly.

Agree. I really love it too.

Sleepnplay · 13/09/2023 20:01

I used to dislike it but have really come round to it in the last year. Maybe I'm just seeing it suggested more. Met a baby Esther the other day and she was super cute and really suited it.

KEVINNNN · 13/09/2023 20:01

My DS would have been Esther if he was a girl, love it!

Thatsmorethanhalf · 13/09/2023 20:08

Esther is a lovely name. I love Hebrew names.

Leafblow · 13/09/2023 20:09

It's nice but I can't quite get round the spelling, it makes me want to say Eth-ter.
I like Aster though

bobby81 · 13/09/2023 20:13

I absolutely love it and often suggest it on naming threads.

Velvetbee · 13/09/2023 20:18

Love it and know an awesome, beautiful one in her 20s.

DappledThings · 13/09/2023 20:18

Love it. Was on shortlist for DD but DH wasn't too keen. Not as much as he hated a few of my other choices mind you

peaceinourtime · 14/09/2023 13:27

I’m not a fan. I knew one who went by Essie, which could potentially happened. Hester is better.

continentallentil · 14/09/2023 20:21

I like it, I think it’s getting more popular

PictureConsequences · 14/09/2023 20:31

I know an Esther and I always think what a gorgeous name it is, I've known her for years and she's late teens.

IsThePopeCatholic · 14/09/2023 20:32

Love it!

RuthW · 14/09/2023 21:00

Harsh name imo.

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName · 16/09/2023 16:04

Love it

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