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GlizzyOverdrive · 12/09/2023 12:37

Honest thoughts?

OP posts:
AdalineStephen · 17/09/2023 09:13

It's not a pleasant sound to my ear. Sounds like a cough.

VenusClapTrap · 17/09/2023 11:47

Love it. Elegant and strong. A proper serious woman’s name. I would like to be an Esther.

ValuableLimeLesson · 17/09/2023 12:28

Love Esther. It was on my list but DH said no🙄

brackengirl · 17/09/2023 19:31

Mine is awesome!
She really suits her name and we've had lots of positive comments over the years. Her friends call her Essie (although she prefers Esther) I sometimes call her Bess as she's the Bester Esther😁

PrimarilyParented · 17/09/2023 22:18

I love it and Esti for a nickname.

Zola1 · 17/09/2023 22:19

Going against the grain I absolutely hate it. I think it really doesn't sound very nice. I went to a Jewish school and there were a few Esthers.

Thequeenofwishfulthinking · 17/09/2023 22:24

Absolutely love it. I’ve recently met a baby Esther and a pre school Esther. Couldn’t help but think how lovely the name sounded afterwards.
A helpful and empathetic midwife was around after my youngest was admitted to NICU post birth. All the other midwifes were harsh, unhelpful and rude. This was nearly 6 years ago. I won’t forget her lovely demeanour and kindness.

Whataretheodds · 17/09/2023 22:33

I love it. I also like Hester (and Martha).

Nesta I could handle.

EstieGreenwood · 17/09/2023 22:36

Love it, and Estie is a great nickname.

Vallmo47 · 17/09/2023 22:37

The lovely 93 year old you sometimes visit.

DramaAlpaca · 17/09/2023 22:51

I'm not keen. I prefer Hester.

Backhometothenorth · 17/09/2023 23:05

Love it. Mine is 7Star

OneNameTwoNameThreeName · 17/09/2023 23:09

I love it

oioicheeky · 18/09/2023 12:58

Surprised it's so popular.

My immediate thought is Esther Rantzen (or however you spell it) and doesn't appeal.

But trying to hear it without that connotation and I suppose it could be nice.

KirstenBlest · 18/09/2023 14:45

@oioicheeky , I thought of the two I know, and they are both intelligent, naturally pretty, and gentle but with strength of character, so that's how I see the name. Dame ER doesn't quite fit that description, but she's done a lot of good work.
I know a couple of Miriams but they're quite young, and that name makes me think of Dr Miriam Stoppard.

mathanxiety · 18/09/2023 15:42

I'm not keen. To me it's inseparable from the elderly aunt of a neighbour I had as a child. The name suggests a rather prim retired secretary to me. (I don't get the love for Cora here either - I had two middle aged teachers of this name back in the late 1970s. I associate both names with 1970s and 80s Dublin.)

PersianStar · 18/09/2023 15:47

Love it 😁 mine is nearly 5 and I’m still in love with her name

muddyford · 18/09/2023 15:54

I love it. I love Hester even more.

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