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Aslan or Zeki?

45 replies

OrangeBall87 · 20/08/2023 18:57

Which name do you prefer for our soon to be born baby boy?

OP posts:
Yellowpotato · 20/08/2023 18:59

Aslan is a lovely name.

murasaki · 20/08/2023 18:59

Ahaha, really?

OrangeBall87 · 20/08/2023 19:00

@murasaki what?

OP posts:
murasaki · 20/08/2023 19:00

If I had to choose, Zeki.

Nightmanagerfan · 20/08/2023 19:00

Is this a joke? Must be.

Both are absolutely awful

OrangeBall87 · 20/08/2023 19:01

@Nightmanagerfan why would it be a joke!? Both are Turkish names

OP posts:
murasaki · 20/08/2023 19:02

Alsan, CS Lewis, Narnia. A no go.

Not sure of Zeki's origins, I don't personally like it, but its better than Asian.

SoupDragon · 20/08/2023 19:02

I think Aslan has been somewhat ruined as a name in the U.K. because of Narnia.

murasaki · 20/08/2023 19:02

Ah for editing. Zeki over Asian.

Tiespin · 20/08/2023 19:03

I like Zeki. Not sure why people are so rude about these names

murasaki · 20/08/2023 19:03


MerryChristmasToYou · 20/08/2023 19:03

Because they don't realise that they are quite normal names in Turkey

MerryChristmasToYou · 20/08/2023 19:04

I'd pick Zeki on the grounds that we've has Aslan written as Alsan and Asian already

Amdone123 · 20/08/2023 19:04

We have an Aslan in our family. Mum is Turkish. It's a lovely name. Sister is Esra - lovely names.

Hopingforagreatescape · 20/08/2023 19:05

Aslan is a traditional Turkish name - fairly popular these days in Turkish speaking countries - it means 'Lion'. Hence why C S Lewis used it for the lion in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.

Zeki is also a Turkish name and means 'Intelligent'.

I prefer Aslan.

OrangeBall87 · 20/08/2023 19:05

We were thinking maybe because of Narnia, Aslan might actually be more known and accepted in the UK but maybe not then

OP posts:
LauderSyme · 20/08/2023 19:06

Not Aslan; strongly brings to mind the lion and has been mistyped twice already just in this thread.

Zeki is nice.

TennisWithDeborah · 20/08/2023 19:08

Zeki gets the thumbs up from me

Retrievemysanity · 20/08/2023 19:09


Henddraig · 20/08/2023 19:10

Aslan is lovely, but the lion character being Jesus-like makes it an odd choice to people who know the books. It’s a shame really. Zeki is cute though.

Whatsthepoint1234 · 20/08/2023 19:12

I actually quite like Aslan and my taste in names is dull as ditchwater. There is obviously a heavy association with Narnia.

Ive never heard of Zeki before but I’d go with Ezekiel and have it as a shortening if you really want to use it.

Whatsthepoint1234 · 20/08/2023 19:14

Ah I’ve just read the thread. Maybe not Ezekiel then! I personally prefer Aslan over Zeki but you will get the lion comments. I used to know a lovely Turkish chap called Emre which I’ve always thought was a nice name!

CrazyArmadilloLady · 20/08/2023 19:16

Aslan is too heavily related to lion (and yes, Jesus) for use in the UK. If that doesn’t bother you, fair enough.

I have a distant friend with an 18YO Zeki. I quite like it.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 20/08/2023 20:33

Leo? Still a lion.

elliejjtiny · 20/08/2023 20:36

Love Zeki

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