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Primrose or Fleur

52 replies

JustinCase23 · 24/07/2023 03:58

Baby girl is due soon, which do you prefer?
Surname is fairly common two syllable name.

OP posts:
Hollyppp · 24/07/2023 07:44

I think primrose is really pretty

Riverlee · 24/07/2023 07:45


SunnieShine · 24/07/2023 07:47

Fleur, I love it. 🌷

Backtothe90splease · 24/07/2023 07:47

Not keen on Primrose at all. The Rose part is nice but not Prim.

Fleur is much nicer I think but it can depend on accent.

18baldingstar · 24/07/2023 07:55

Primrose is lovely, I love the nicknames too, Prim, Rosie, Rosa etc.
Fleur is pretty too though

Kaamos · 24/07/2023 08:00


shoopshoopdedoo · 24/07/2023 08:13


Fleur sounds lovely in French but is quite unpleasant in many accents.

YukoandHiro · 24/07/2023 08:14


Fleur sounds like someone retching. Sorry!

LlynTegid · 24/07/2023 08:16

Fleur. I'd think about a different choice from these two myself in your shoes though.

RoseMartha · 24/07/2023 08:17


squidgem · 24/07/2023 08:19

I think they are both lovely, fleur is my favourite of the 2.

atthebottomofthehill · 24/07/2023 08:21

I don't think fleur sounds nice in an English accent. Plus it seems a bit pretentious unless you're french?

I like Primrose. What about Flora?

user1492757084 · 24/07/2023 09:34

Primrose is sweet and not commonly used.
Nick names .. Rosie, Primo, Prim, Posie

lordloveadog · 24/07/2023 09:38

Flora is a good alternative suggestion

Fleur is hard to pronounce well in English. Primrose is too prim.

Coronationstation · 24/07/2023 09:38

I'm not a massive fan of either and agree that Fleur can really sound awful in some accents! I also prefer Flora.

MissBridgetJones · 24/07/2023 12:03

Both gorgeous- I also know a little Marigold - super cute x

Coffeeandcakemum · 24/07/2023 12:34

I prefer Fleur, lovely name 😊

TSPAOIFA · 24/07/2023 12:36

I agree with the pp who said Fleur sounds like someone retching, I’ve never liked the name for that reason.
Of the 2 I would pick Primrose, but I don’t really like that either, sorry.

Hopeandmoss · 24/07/2023 13:36

Where we live Primrose is the local hospice and the cancer ward so wouldn’t be a good choice. Fleur is nice but I would worry about kids calling her ergh! Flora is a margarine.

whatausername · 24/07/2023 13:39

Out of those two options, Primrose. Fleur sounds rubbish in many many accents. Presuming you live in an anglophone country

MaxwellCat · 24/07/2023 13:44

Don't like fleur to close to ergh. Not keen on primrose or flora

PossiblyNotOne · 24/07/2023 14:04

I don’t like either, sorry.

User6761 · 24/07/2023 14:36

I find Fleur hard to say for some reason and Primrose is well, a bit too 'prim' for me! I like PP suggestion of Flora, and also like lots of other nature names like Rose, Fern, Iris, Rowan....

24Dogcuddler · 24/07/2023 14:47

Of the 2 Fleur but would be pronounced Flerr here hard ur sound.
How about Freya?

Noella12 · 24/07/2023 17:47

shoopshoopdedoo · 24/07/2023 08:13


Fleur sounds lovely in French but is quite unpleasant in many accents.

Agreed about the accents, try saying it in a few

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