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Rosanna, Annika or Matilda?

37 replies

Curseofthenation · 14/07/2023 22:17

Hi all, I don't know the sex of our baby but if it's a girl then my DH and I like Rosanna, Annika and Matilda. Which do you prefer?

OP posts:
NuffSaidSam · 14/07/2023 22:18

I like Rosanna and Matilda a lot.

Not keen on Annika.

Ellmau · 14/07/2023 22:18


FromNowOn23 · 14/07/2023 22:19

I like them all!

teacherteacherss · 14/07/2023 22:20

I'm afraid neither but if I had to choose then Rosanna

SpringSummerDreamer · 14/07/2023 22:22

Rosanna sounds fresher and looks lovely in writing. Matilda nice, but so many of them in the last 20 years. Annika a bit 'try-hard' to my ears.

DramaAlpaca · 14/07/2023 22:22

Rosanna is my favourite.

I like Matilda too. Not so keen on Annika.

fairycupcakes · 14/07/2023 22:24

Rosanna - gorgeous!

timberho · 14/07/2023 22:25

Prefer Ramona to Rosanna
Matilda - bit boring
Annika- Rice!

Curseofthenation · 14/07/2023 22:37

Ooooo, interesting to see that Rosanna is a front runner. We have Matilda down as our main contender but you're all right that it is quite popular. I like that it means 'battle-ready' and seems strong.

I like Rosanna as it is slightly softer but still strong. We both like names with Anna in them! I think Rosanna flows nicely with our softer sounding surname too.

OP posts:
OopsieeDaisy · 14/07/2023 23:09

Rosanna is nice and Matilda is ok.
Not keen on Annika but if you like names with Anna in them, what about
Or even just Anna!
All 3 are lovely imo.

Groutyonehereagain · 14/07/2023 23:12

Rosanna ❤️

Groutyonehereagain · 14/07/2023 23:13

There are loads of Matildas and most get called Tilly, which I hate.

WillyLows · 14/07/2023 23:13

I like Annika!

sandrene · 14/07/2023 23:14

I really dislike Matilda - it has become very overused. Rosanna and Annika are both beautiful and interesting names!

Izz1 · 14/07/2023 23:24

Love Matilda, like Rosanna, like Anna and Annie, but I think Annika sounds harsh and for some reason I think the spelling seems unfriendly.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 14/07/2023 23:51

Not keen on any of them.
If you like Anna why not choose that?

Topazbutterfly · 15/07/2023 00:02

My favourite is Rosanna, really nice name

LulooLemon · 15/07/2023 00:38


dovesong · 15/07/2023 00:39

Love Matilda - particularly as it's my favourite children's book!

BatheInTheLight · 15/07/2023 00:41

I like Matilda. I think if you called her Rosanna, friends would end up calling her Ros, which I don't like. Also makes me think of the US comedy Roseanne!

Alstoybarn · 15/07/2023 00:51

Matilda bit rosanna is something I'd never ever considered and I feel like I may love it!

Cattenberg · 15/07/2023 00:52

I like all three.

Annika is a diminutive of Ann or Anna, but that might not bother you, especially as it’s become a name in its own right. It’s quite rare in the UK, so isn’t dated. I think it sounds fresh and pretty.

Matilda is in the top 30 girls’ names in the UK at the moment, so there’ll probably be several others in your daughter’s school.

Rosanna isn’t very fashionable at the moment, but I don’t think it’s common enough to sound dated. Rose is popular at the moment and names ending in “a” are still a trend. So, I think Rosanna fits in.

Theoldwoman · 15/07/2023 01:59

Rosanna or Roseanne

user1492757084 · 15/07/2023 03:05

I love Annika and Anneke.
I know one who won a Queens Birthday Award.
Matilda I also love.
Rosanna is sweet and unusual.

All great choices!

garlictwist · 15/07/2023 04:26

Really dislike Matilda. Annika is very pretty

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