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Rosanna, Annika or Matilda?

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Curseofthenation · 14/07/2023 22:17

Hi all, I don't know the sex of our baby but if it's a girl then my DH and I like Rosanna, Annika and Matilda. Which do you prefer?

OP posts:
midsomermurderess · 15/07/2023 04:27

Annika. It sounds fresh.

continentallentil · 15/07/2023 09:26


Matilda is nice but overdone and I don’t like Annika.

There are an awful lot of Annies and Rose/Rosa/Rosies about though, and she’s quite likely to end up known as one of them, if that bothers you.

Annalise / Annalisa

might be others

LadyEloise1 · 15/07/2023 10:43

I like Rose, I like Anna but I don't like them together.
I like Annie Rose.
I like Rosie.
I'm not mad about Annick or Annika I'd prefer Annalise or Annalie.
Matilda is nice but popular at the moment.

Whatisityoucantface · 16/07/2023 08:48

I like all of them. Especially Rosanna, maybe because I knew a lovely one.

Whattheflipflap · 16/07/2023 13:53

Love anneka

timetobackout · 16/07/2023 14:14

Our adult daughter is a Rosanne always answers to Rosie as do an alarmingly high percentage of dogs😋

timetobackout · 16/07/2023 14:15

Rosanna not roseanne.

Maireas · 23/07/2023 19:58

They're all very nice names, not too unusual, but not in common usage, iyswim.
Rosanna is my favourite. Although I love Matilda!
When's the baby due?

Dillydollydingdong · 23/07/2023 20:00

They're all lovely names.

Rainbowfruitpunch · 23/07/2023 20:57

Matilda feels like it will date to the 2010s-2020s whereas the others feel timeless. I prefer Annika and I also like Anya, Anouk, and Anoushka

Wond3rment · 23/07/2023 21:02

I knew a Roseanna when I was in primary school, lovely name.

I know a lovely person called Roseanne.

Both are uncommon amongst kids today so either would get my vote.

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 23/07/2023 23:40

Annika. Rosanna to me sounds old fashioned but not in the same 'cool' retro way as Iris, Violet, Ada. And there are millions of Matildas atm.

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