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Sorry to ask for help again....Joe not Joseph

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notbloodybranston · 23/02/2008 22:16

Yes I am 32 years old and I should have an opinion of my own but I am tired, am carrying a huge baby (apparently) and I have to mark 100 exam scripts before I start maternity leave- just need someone to tell me what to do!

Surname - still Pickles

Sex of baby - still a boy

Husband - still an arse

We both like Joe but I would prefer to give him a "sunday" name i.e. Joseph.

Husband's family don't agree with Sunday names as a concept - He is Tom (not Thomas) his brother is Harry (not Henry) etc...

My family (read parents,grandmother,aunts) are appalled at thought of baby being given a short name of a "proper" name (have also grumbled that Catholic priest might not christen him Joe).

Could you please just vote and tell me what you would do - Joe or Joseph?
Many thanks

OP posts:
IamTheSpeedingHam · 25/02/2008 20:57


i have a joseph

he is 18

and called joe

except when i want his board money

when he was ickle and loverly i called him my special mummy name


now that would fuck all the family off

tell all the family to FCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

its your baby remember - take control NOW or i swear to god they will rule you forever.

yelnats · 25/02/2008 20:58

My dad is Joseph but gets Joe and my late uncle was Joseph also Joe. One catholic and one protestant - I didnt know Joseph was a catholic name - neither will my dad I would imagine! Dont see where the religion associated with a name matters.

LittleMissBliss · 25/02/2008 20:59

Joseph, My ds is Jacob, but we call him Coby.

Flibbertyjibbet · 25/02/2008 20:59

No, but its just a shortened version of a 'proper' name.
I only used it as an example of how shortening names seems to be the thing to do these days, and how some of the shortenings seem strange to people more used to the longer 'sunday' version.

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:01

A I posted earlier things like that evolve over time. Jack came from John but its now a name in its own right. I know a Joe who is just Joe and hes 30 so its not just a new thing.

IamTheSpeedingHam · 25/02/2008 21:04

i also have a Jacob and was going to have a coby

a joby
and a

but that was becuase i was pregnant and being a twat - pregnant women should really not bein charge of these things.

so i have a jakey not a coby

anyway back to the issue


msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:07

I was thinking of this earlier but I don't think I know any adults who are called (as in refered to not named/christened) Joseph. Apart from Jospeh Fiennes and I don't actually know him!

LittleMissBliss · 25/02/2008 21:10

Iamthespeedingham i don't really understand what you mean? You think Coby is a twatish name?

IamTheSpeedingHam · 25/02/2008 21:17

rhyming names?

LittleMissBliss · 25/02/2008 21:25

Oh your other son is called Joby? or do you mean you wanted a Jacob and a Coby. The post doesn't read well, unless its a person that knows you.

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