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Sorry to ask for help again....Joe not Joseph

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notbloodybranston · 23/02/2008 22:16

Yes I am 32 years old and I should have an opinion of my own but I am tired, am carrying a huge baby (apparently) and I have to mark 100 exam scripts before I start maternity leave- just need someone to tell me what to do!

Surname - still Pickles

Sex of baby - still a boy

Husband - still an arse

We both like Joe but I would prefer to give him a "sunday" name i.e. Joseph.

Husband's family don't agree with Sunday names as a concept - He is Tom (not Thomas) his brother is Harry (not Henry) etc...

My family (read parents,grandmother,aunts) are appalled at thought of baby being given a short name of a "proper" name (have also grumbled that Catholic priest might not christen him Joe).

Could you please just vote and tell me what you would do - Joe or Joseph?
Many thanks

OP posts:
themildmanneredjanitor · 24/02/2008 19:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrownSuga · 24/02/2008 19:54


SoMuchToBits · 24/02/2008 19:57


Because it gives him a choice when he is older. Joe gives no choice. I think no matter what you or your relatives prefer (and you can call him what you like at home, even if it's Buster or J or whatever) it's better for him to have a choice of Joseph, Joe or anything else he can make of it when he is grown up.

FWIW my son is a Jonathan - to most people he is Jonathan, but some people call him Jonty, some Jon, some Jonny and some Jonny-Jon-Jon (not my preference, but there you go!). But when he is older, he can choose.

fishie · 24/02/2008 19:57

fil is called joe by some, seph by others. i'd always recommend going for longer name, gives more options.

funnyhaha · 24/02/2008 19:59

Ignore family opinions - whatever is chosen, they'll get used to it
Personally, I like a long version - gives the child an option (although Joe, to be fair, is of those shortening that works quite widely/in a range of occasions)
I have a long name, & whilst I only really like the shortened version (& use that version for work) I'm glad I had the option...

msappropriate · 24/02/2008 20:03

but Joe is hardly a silly diminutive pet name that he will grow out of.

Jack is really a diminutive of John but you don't meet many Jacks that are really Johns.

Blocky · 25/02/2008 10:02

My ds is Joseph, but has we abbreviate it to Joe.
I always thought that Joe was an abbreviation of Joseph anyway, opposed to a name in its own right?

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 12:56

Yes it is but has become a name too like Jack has. I know two thirty-somethings named Joe not Joseph so its not a new thing. I know plenty of Kates, Charlies, Bens. Millies and Harrys too that have no longer name. English is a living language that evolves over time whether one likes it or not.

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 12:56

Yes it is but has become a name too like Jack has. I know two thirty-somethings named Joe not Joseph so its not a new thing. I know plenty of Kates, Charlies, Bens. Millies and Harrys too that have no longer name. English is a living language that evolves over time whether one likes it or not.

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 12:57

oops my Joe posted the last one!

Tinker · 25/02/2008 12:59

Depends on the Sunday version of the name though . I like both Joe and Joseph and the shortening of Joseph is only really Joe(y). So, either ok in this case.

I did give my youngest a shortened version of a classic long name because I specifically don't like one of the shortened versions. So, eliminated that option!

lollipopmother · 25/02/2008 13:03

Joseph, but this is the name I've chosen for my baby, so I think you should choose another altogether!

Tommy · 25/02/2008 13:04

I agree with the others that Joseph is nicer and will give him a bit more choice when he's .

DS1 and 2 have names that can be shortened 2 different ways and we chose them partly bercause of that. Howevere, we seemed to forget that concept with DS3 and his nsme doesn't shorten at all !

choosyfloosy · 25/02/2008 13:14

Joseph. If your dh really doesn't like Joseph as opposed to Joe, maybe a different name?

can you try not to discuss any further with the family, either side - literally just ignore any questions and change the subject? It is NOTHING to do with them. I have no doubt ds would be named something else if I had discussed it with my family, and I would be sad about that.

jojosmaman · 25/02/2008 13:18


My DS is Joseph and its only really his granny who calls him Joseph, I call him Joe or Jojo (he is only 1.. this will stop when he's older promise!), DP calls him Joey.

iloverosycheeks · 25/02/2008 13:27

I have Joseph, it is a family name but also chosen cos really liked it and only one we could agree on! When he was born he was called baby Joseph and has just naturally shortened to Joe - both are lovely but I am probably biased! i think you should go with Joseph and then see which he suits best..

notbloodybranston · 25/02/2008 20:21

Thank you all replying -sorry for not coming back sooner - I thought this thread had died.

Am going to stick to my "Joseph" guns (sorry MMJ - we've loads of Matthews in our life though it is a lovely name!).

Off to make DH turn television off and decide name.


OP posts:
davidtennantsmistress · 25/02/2008 20:24

Joseph - I have a joseph and it's fab! he's called joejoe or Joey by me, and joseph when i'm cross! or, Joe as he's called by his dad & grandparents.

tbh thou Joe really annoys me at the mo as to me Joe is for a teenager or older man.

Hulababy · 25/02/2008 20:33

I love the name Joseph, even more than just Joe.

80sMum · 25/02/2008 20:39

Call him Joseph officially, then he (or you) can shorten it if wished. Best of both worlds. I don't see that it's anyone's business but yours and your dp/dh's though (i.e. don't let the families decide - you decide!). I love the name, by the way.

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 20:41

I'm rooting for your DH!

bubblepop · 25/02/2008 20:49

call him joseph on the birth certificate, and joe for short. there sorted!

Flibbertyjibbet · 25/02/2008 20:50

Bil just called his son Joe. I just assumed that he was called Joseph and referred to him as this when he was a couple of weeks old. MIL rounded on me demanding to know 'who's Joseph???'. It really surprised me that someone would officially name a child a name that is a shortie version and reading this thread has convinced me that I am not going mad or hopelessly old fashioned!
I agree with others who say give him a Sunday name, shorten it to what you want, but let the child have a choice when he is older.
Who knows in a few years we might be calling little girls 'barb' and others will say 'oo no give her a Sunday name of Barbara'!

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 20:53

Hardly like calling some Barb.

Astrophe · 25/02/2008 20:56

My friend has a Joe, who isn't Joseph. I think its a lovely name - a name in its own right really, and have never thought it was odd.

To me its like Lucy and Lucinda - two different names.

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