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Sorry to ask for help again....Joe not Joseph

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notbloodybranston · 23/02/2008 22:16

Yes I am 32 years old and I should have an opinion of my own but I am tired, am carrying a huge baby (apparently) and I have to mark 100 exam scripts before I start maternity leave- just need someone to tell me what to do!

Surname - still Pickles

Sex of baby - still a boy

Husband - still an arse

We both like Joe but I would prefer to give him a "sunday" name i.e. Joseph.

Husband's family don't agree with Sunday names as a concept - He is Tom (not Thomas) his brother is Harry (not Henry) etc...

My family (read parents,grandmother,aunts) are appalled at thought of baby being given a short name of a "proper" name (have also grumbled that Catholic priest might not christen him Joe).

Could you please just vote and tell me what you would do - Joe or Joseph?
Many thanks

OP posts:
snice · 23/02/2008 22:17


JingleyJen · 23/02/2008 22:18

I would go for Joseph, but both my boys have long names that I know will be the shorter version by the time they are at the pub together.

bluenosesaint · 23/02/2008 22:33

I would go for Joseph, but thats because i really like both Joseph and Joe.

If i didn't like Joseph and only liked Joe then i would go with Joe.

Does your dh dislike the name Joseph ...or does he simply prefer Joe?

ArrietyClock · 23/02/2008 22:37

at your summary...!

Like both but probably Joseph, then his choice when he's older what he does. My brother has ditched his Sunday name including on things like bank accounts etc but 'twas at least his choice. Not surprisingly his son doesn't have a Sunday name and is called....... Joe!

hester · 23/02/2008 22:40

Umm, I don't think it much matters! Surely he'll be called Joe, but if he decided he preferred Joseph later in life there's nothing stopping him.

I REALLY like both Joe and joseph, by the way.

LaDiDaDi · 23/02/2008 22:41

I'm not sure tbh. In general I think tha having the full name is probably preferable but when we considered boys names we would have had Archie Joe rather than Archie Joseph.

avenanap · 23/02/2008 22:41

My ds is Joe, he's Joey when he's been really good, Joseph when he's in trouble, Joe the rest of the time.

theboob · 23/02/2008 22:42

i have a joseph john and everybody calls him JJ

hunkermunker · 23/02/2008 22:46


And good luck with impending birth - you do sound fed up!

notbloodybranston · 23/02/2008 22:47

BNS- I like both but cannot face telling my family that his name is Joe .... I can picture my Nan's face.... (and I am normally v well able to stand up for myself) and am trying (in vain so far) to convince DH.

Husband thinks that Joseph is a "camp" name??? WTF??? I think he might have been influenced by the contestants in the Andrew Lloyd Webber TV show thing...

He might also secretly be thinking its quite a catholic name (though he hasn't admitted this and would be scared to) as he isn't catholic and is bemused by the baptism/holy communnian (sp) rituals

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 23/02/2008 22:47

Oh, but only if you like Joseph as well as Joe, obv.

BINAH · 23/02/2008 22:49

joseph...imo, but do whatever you and your dp think is right...i did it despite of the family opinion and it gave me an huge fight....but worth it...

bluenosesaint · 23/02/2008 22:51

Mmmm tricky then if your dh isn't 'sold' on Joseph ...not sure what to advise then.

My dh named my dd3 and although i like the name, i don't LOVE it, and its not a very nice feeling

FWIW i don't think Joseph is camp at all, i think its a good strong name ...

notbloodybranston · 23/02/2008 22:53

Hunkermunker - I am a bit. Am having extra growth scans as baby is big. I just thought he would be round the 10lb mark but have now had two growth scans and they want me back for two more (no diabetes). Am v tired and back hurts really just fed up cos husband is on a stag weekend and I am jealous...there - I have admitted it!! I want to get drunk and be round adults not marking papers and playing Little Mermaids with my 3 year old (why am I always the ugly fat sea witch?)

OP posts:
ginnedup · 23/02/2008 22:56

Personally, I don't like shortened names, I have a Joseph and he is known as Joe or Joey and hardly ever called Joseph, which I think is a shame because it is a lovely name.
IMO it will be shortened to Joe whatever you decide so as long as you like it thats OK.
He's your baby, so the choice of name is yours at the end of the day and H's family will have to lump it.
good luck

alfiesbabe · 23/02/2008 22:58

Joseph. He then has the option of either. And Joe is not a name, it's an abbreviation!

hunkermunker · 23/02/2008 23:29


Can you plan something nice for yourself when DH gets back? Just a bit of time to yourself for something - probably not getting drunk though

WendyWeber · 23/02/2008 23:33

I have a Joe and his Sunday name is Joseph - he is 19 now but I still need to bellow at him sometimes and 2 syllables is always better than one for that!

collision · 23/02/2008 23:35


sannie · 24/02/2008 19:42

I have a Joseph Thomas.....called Joe most of the time and a Henry George called Harry most of the time - need the longer name or else what would you shout when they have been naughty ;-) It's nice to give them a chpice of the longer or shorter name when they are older...Good luck!

rantinghousewife · 24/02/2008 19:45

Go for Joseph, although be aware dd goes to school with 5 Joseph's not one of the is referred to as Joseph, they are all called Joe.

Califrau · 24/02/2008 19:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PortAndLemon · 24/02/2008 19:50

I would do Joseph. My brother is Joseph, was always Joe in childhood and to friends and family as an adult, but has chosen to use Joseph for work. It's not just about you and what you plan to call them as one day they will be an adult with their own preferences, so personally I'd always go for the form that gave that future adult the most choices. But there's nothing wrong with taking the opposite point of view.

msappropriate · 24/02/2008 19:51

I don't like Joseph at all and my son is Joe. I do know several Joes from other names; Jonah, Jonathan and Jolyon. My dh hated having a long version of his name which he has never been called and still can't understand why his parents bothered.

WendyWeber · 24/02/2008 19:52

DS1 has chosen to be Joseph on Facebook, oddly.

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