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Herefornameideas · 25/06/2023 19:19


DH and I both like name Rebecca but I am wondering, is it very common for all Rebecca's to be called Becky or Becca? I'm not a fan of the latter two and not sure I'd call the baby Rebecca if the likelihood is the name will be shortened.

OP posts:
Herefornameideas · 03/07/2023 16:00

Thank you so much everyone 💞💞

OP posts:
positivethoughts1 · 11/10/2023 10:16

Herefornameideas · 02/07/2023 22:07

We went for Rebecca in the end, it's just such a lovely name 🥰

Our baby girl was born in June 23, we've called her Rebecca (Becca for short). Everyone we have told her name has responded with lovely things to say and how refreshing it is to hear a traditional name 🥰

Dizzydeers · 11/10/2023 10:18

One of my DDs had a Rebecca in her class and she’s only ever known as Rebecca, it’s a beautiful name.

Whataretheodds · 11/10/2023 11:33

I knew a Rebecca who shortened to Reb - suited her well.

Zola1 · 11/10/2023 11:36

It'll definitely be shortened. I know loads of Rebeccas... the one I know who tries to use her formal name at work, friends still call her Becks.

isityourachel · 11/10/2023 11:46

Have NCd.

First of all, congrats OP. Lovely news.

Secondly, I'm another Rebecca who gets Rachel an awful lot. Emails at work sent to my actual name, starting, Hi Rachel... 😵‍💫🤣

Also have had Bec, Bex, Becca, Becky basically my whole life. Don't mind it really.

peaceinourtime · 11/10/2023 14:14

Congratulations on your Rebecca 🎉🎉🎉

Herefornameideas · 11/10/2023 20:42

Thank you everyone ❤️
And congrats @positivethoughts1 !

OP posts:
MalagaNights · 12/10/2023 13:38

Rebecca is such a beautiful name!

It's feminine but strong, and elegant but warm.

Congrtaulations on your Baby Rebecca💕

SerenityNowInsanityLater · 12/10/2023 21:08

Oh I’m so happy you’ve chosen this gorgeous name with such a beautiful meaning. My Rebecca (Boo) is now 13. Yours will be too in a flash! 🥹Congratulations OP. Blessings to your little one. ❤️💐

UsefulSmartPrettyHappy · 15/10/2023 16:35

What beautiful meaning does Rebecca have?

Bexamundo · 15/10/2023 23:13

Faithful wife..or knotted cord! 🤔

peaceinourtime · 16/10/2023 09:01

Congratulations op. I knew a Rebecca professionally aged in her early fifties, she always goes by Rebecca in the work sense but I have heard her calling herself Bec when she would give herself pep talks.

Rhodora · 16/10/2023 15:00

Partiallyclosed · 25/06/2023 19:54

Bexamundo the amount of times I’ve been called Rachael too, why? Is nothing like Rebecca!

Another Rebecca here who gets called Rachel.

Personally though I love my name. I did have it shortened when I was younger and to this family still call me Bec or Becca. If anyone else tries to shorten it though I correct them once and then refuse to answer.

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