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lovelysummersky · 22/06/2023 12:30

Does this work as a girls name for you? If not a first, maybe as a middle?

Emily Lilac and Chloe Lilac just came to me today.

OP posts:
TheOwlChronicles · 22/06/2023 12:35

I'd maybe stop overthinking this. Lilac is terrible

TheMurderousGoose · 22/06/2023 12:39

So many other botanical names have come back but not this one, if it was ever in fashion. It doesn't massively appeal to me but I can't exactly say why. Is it maybe the c sound as the end? Lila is a nice sound,, but the ac in Lilac makes if feel more abrupt. Bit of a throat hacking sound. Not sure.

toastofthetown · 22/06/2023 12:40

I like Lilac, especially as a middle name. I think it flows nicely with a lot of names, as long as they aren’t too ‘L’ heavy.

Purple89 · 22/06/2023 12:49

I actually really like it! Especially as a middle name

DPotter · 22/06/2023 13:00

A straight No from me

And I love a lilac tree - it's just not a "name"

Buttercupsdaisiesdandelions · 22/06/2023 13:05

I like it as a middle name. It's unusual, but flower names aren't unusual, so it's not weird.

FriedEggChocolate · 22/06/2023 13:08

You know she'll be known as Lil? I wouldn't

MariaVT65 · 22/06/2023 13:08

I personally associate it with the colour rather than the flower, so not something i’d choose.

Pemba · 22/06/2023 13:13

Emily Lilac is a bit of a tongue twister, too many 'l' s near each other.

I know lilacs are flowers but honestly it doesn't really appeal as a name. Just the sound of the word. I think of paint shades and fabric conditioner.

There are quite a few nice flower names though.

Unexpectedlysinglemum · 22/06/2023 13:15

Not a fan sorry. I'd go for Lila or violet

BlueKaftan · 22/06/2023 13:16

I think it’s sweet.

SunnyFog · 22/06/2023 16:54

With apologies to anyone named Lilac, traditionally the flowers are associated with funerals. My mother and grandmother would never have it in the house and it may be quite a widespread superstition.

HWGina · 22/06/2023 16:58

Aren't lilies also associated with funerals? And that's quite a common name.

Doidontimmm · 22/06/2023 17:00

I say it like lie lick - so it’s. No!

FayCarew · 22/06/2023 17:10

Lilac might be ok as a name for a cat.
Might be ok as a middle name.
Emily a bit safe. Chloe seems a bit dated.

shoopshoopdedoo · 22/06/2023 19:36

I really wouldn’t like to be called Lilac, so wouldn’t use it for a first name. Actually quite like it as a middle name, especially Chloe Lilac.

Gowlett · 22/06/2023 19:40

I say it as, Lie-lack. Which sounds harsh.

SmurfetteSalad · 22/06/2023 19:48

Leila is nicer
Or Violet.

continentallentil · 22/06/2023 19:57

I don’t think it works, makes me think of mourning and mauve.

How about Jasmine?

MyFaceIsAnAONB · 22/06/2023 20:04

I like it but it’s a no for me purely because half the people will say Lie-luck and half will say Lie-Lack. And someone upthread says Lie-Lick. So CBA will all the clarifying.

I have a kid with a name like this and while it’s easy enough to just raise them to politely correct people and not mind too much, it is a bit 😵‍💫😵‍💫…. Surprising how people struggle to remember how someone they know pronounces their name….

ButtonMoonBlanketSky · 22/06/2023 23:26

I really like it. Beautiful scented flowers and lovely colour. Probably prefer it as a middle name.

Dazedandbemused0 · 23/06/2023 06:13

I like it!

clpsmum · 23/06/2023 06:39

I love it

SpringIntoChaos · 23/06/2023 07:05

I quite like it actually 😃 Prefer Violet, which is one of my all time favourite girls names ♥️

PickledScrump · 23/06/2023 11:48

I don’t think it works as a first name but perfect for a middle name. People won’t use it much so pronounciation won’t be a problem. Go for it

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