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Boy name help - Beau, Jacques or Miles

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afrenchmum · 11/06/2023 18:35

Hi all,

Due in September and struggling on a boys name. It’s between Beau, Miles and Jacques. What do we think of each name and which is your favourite. Thanks in advance for the help!

OP posts:
SourDoughToast · 12/06/2023 11:20

Miles is the only one I'd use. I really like it.

Beau and Jaques I don't like at all.

Beau - this is actually calling your son 'handsome' which would be cringe if he met a French person or went to a French speaking country - 'hello handsome' Hmm Bodhi is better.

Jaques- just sounds like you're trying hard to be different. As pp have said, it's not pronounced 'jacks'. It's not popular in France - considered v old fashioned and ugly in terms of a name. I know an English person with this name who pronounces it 'jakes'.

BinkyBeaufort · 12/06/2023 12:57

Miles, by 1760 yards

continentallentil · 13/06/2023 21:48

Miles is a great name - gentle and solid. You can trust a Miles.

I quite like Beau.. but I also think it’s slightly daft/a nn. Blaise maybe?

I don’t think you can pull of Jacques outside of France sadly, or at any rate he’s end up using Jack for short. Jules would work ok.

thatsn0tmyname · 13/06/2023 21:58

Of your three, Miles is a sensible name for a man.

AnIntrovert · 13/06/2023 22:00

I like Miles. Even if you don't live in France, you are likely to go and visit or spend holidays. Beau might be an issue.

lauraslops · 15/06/2023 16:36

Personally i would go Miles or Beau. My mother is called Jacquelyn and is normally shortened to Jacque (Jackie) so Jacques just looks feminine to me.

ThatFraggle · 15/06/2023 17:02

Another vote for Jax.

Bodhi is hideous to me.

ohdelay · 15/06/2023 17:04

Bojack. You know it makes sense

MirandaBlu · 15/06/2023 17:33

I really like Miles - it feels basic but solid. Another name I like that strikes me as a similar vibe is Mason. Or (these are probably "marmite" names) how about Giles, Niles/Niall, or Piers?

Beau for some reason has a rural US south feel for me - probably the legacy of Bo 'n' Luke Duke. But the only real life Beau I know is a woman (Isabeau).

I wouldn't use Jaques unless you want to use the French pronunciation - even total non-French-speakers should at least be able to manage Zhock or Jock.

NBF2 · 02/09/2023 16:38

My little boy is Beau :) I love the name.

BakingBeanz · 02/09/2023 17:04

Seriously don't call your son Jacques and pronounce it Jacks. No one with any knowledge of French at all would pronounce it this way and he'll spend his life having to correct them and having people assume he's an idiot. Jacks is also Irish slang for the toilet (as in "I'm just going to the jacks").

Beau- really don't like this.

Miles- not bad, best by far.

marmaladeandpeanutbutter · 02/09/2023 17:07

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

RuthW · 02/09/2023 17:27


I always think Beau is too feminine for a boy.

Jacques I dislike. Jack is better in the UK.

Samzzz · 03/09/2023 08:00


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