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Baby names

lucy, naomi or ismay?

51 replies

spugs · 20/02/2008 08:36

due dd3 in 5 weeks and finding it very hard to make a decision this time. we like kate for a middle name but thats as far as weve got! have 2 dds already ella and amelia

OP posts:

Karen999 · 20/02/2008 08:37

I like Lucy...


Anna8888 · 20/02/2008 08:48

Lucy is pretty, Lucie much prettier IMO and goes even better than Lucy with Ella and Amelia.

Naomi - don't think it goes with Ella and Amelia.

Ismay - sounds like dismay . How about Ysé?


chopster · 20/02/2008 08:51

ella and amelia are very pretty names, I agree that naomi doesn't really go with it. It more stronger than pretty. Lucy is very nice.


PissyGalore · 20/02/2008 08:52

all nice.


berolina · 20/02/2008 08:52

Do you mean Esme, spugs?

I like Lucy best.


spugs · 20/02/2008 08:59

nope ismay, apparently some very old english name! i really like esme but quite like the idea of izzy for short

OP posts:

msappropriate · 20/02/2008 09:01

I like Naomi best. I know a ton of Lucys and Lucies and Ismay sounds a bit like you didn't know how to spell Esme. (Sorry if its a real name)

I don't understand the names having to go. Its not as if one is being called Britney or Chardonnay!


pootleflump · 20/02/2008 09:02



berolina · 20/02/2008 09:03

Oh, in that case I think it is too reminiscent of 'dismay', sorry.



Anna8888 · 20/02/2008 09:03

Ismay isn't in the Oxford Dictionary of First Names (which is pretty reliable on all the classic / traditional / old names).


LadybirdG · 20/02/2008 09:03

Lucy Kate is nice

I also like Naomi Kate - dont keen on ISmay TBH


FAQ · 20/02/2008 09:04

I like all 3 - but I think Lucy "goes" nicely with Ella and Amelia


berolina · 20/02/2008 09:04

oh no, you can't have an Isabella as you've got an Ella (we had that - ds2 might have been Emmanuel were it not for ds1 being Samuel). Isabel?


FAQ · 20/02/2008 09:06

I've just done a search for Ismay........and it does appear to a BOYS variant on Esme.....


spugs · 20/02/2008 09:08

ismay is out of the penguin dictionary of first names

lucy is prob my favourite but its fairly common and it would be nice to have one with something a bit more unusual

OP posts:

spugs · 20/02/2008 09:10

says girls name 1st recorded in 13th centuary, sometimes linked with esme

OP posts:

marina · 20/02/2008 09:11

I've heard of Ismay, character in a novel:
Ismay Glasson
I think it's extremely pretty spugs, but they all are tbh


spugs · 20/02/2008 09:12

according to some site its french, book says english

Ismay Female French Feminine form of Esme: An Old French variant of the Latin 'aestimatus' meaning esteemed, or 'amatus' meaning loved.

shall have to give this one more thought i reckon

OP posts:

Anna8888 · 20/02/2008 09:14

Have done a search and Ismay doesn't exist in French, spugs


seeker · 20/02/2008 09:14

I don't think Lucy is very common - there is only one in ds's year 2 group of 60 - and only one other in the whole school of 421.

I've heard of an name that sounds like Ismay - but I think it was spelt Ismne or something like that? One of the ladies of King Arthur's court?


seeker · 20/02/2008 09:16

Nope - googled and Ismne doesn't exist. Ignore me.


LadybirdG · 20/02/2008 09:17

only one Lucy in DD's school of 280 children


marina · 20/02/2008 09:17

here you go spugs Ismay

As a family name it has a long heritage with NW coast of England shipbuilding btw


Anna8888 · 20/02/2008 09:18

Lucy was the eleventh most popular name given to girls in England and Wales in 2007...


marina · 20/02/2008 09:19

Ygraine, maybe seeker
or Ismene, a character in a Euripides play (The Trojan Women I think)

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