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lucy, naomi or ismay?

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spugs · 20/02/2008 08:36

due dd3 in 5 weeks and finding it very hard to make a decision this time. we like kate for a middle name but thats as far as weve got! have 2 dds already ella and amelia

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georgedontdothat · 20/02/2008 09:19


MrsJohnCusack · 20/02/2008 09:22

Isamy was a character in a recent Ruth Rendell book
I quite like it actually

sweetkitty · 20/02/2008 09:23

I like Naomi it's on my virtual list for this one but what's putting me off is that there are about 3 different ways of pronouncing it, I like NAY-omi best but I bet they would get all variations.

However, I also like Lucy and think it would go better with your other two but I wouldn't pick a name to "go" with chiclren I already had IYSWIM.

MrsBadger · 20/02/2008 09:25


marina · 20/02/2008 09:25

I knew I'd seen it more recently than the book I read AGES ago MrsJC
I like it too

MrsJohnCusack · 20/02/2008 09:38

Ismay I mean not Isamy

was a good book too

hello Marina

collision · 20/02/2008 09:43

Lucie is lovely.

Not keen on Naomi.

Ismay is dismal! and too many jokes to be made of it!

Pinkchampagne · 20/02/2008 09:47

I like Lucy best out of your 3 choices.

seeker · 20/02/2008 09:47

Thank you Marina for Ismene - it would have driven me crazy all day!

Nancy66 · 20/02/2008 10:25

Lucy would be my favourite - I'm not sure how popular it is now, but I have a lot of friends in their 30s called Lucy.

I've always thought of Naomi as a very 'harsh' name. It's funny how names conjure up images and Naomi makes me think of a very stern older woman.

I've never heard of Ismay. I think it would be one of those where she'd be forever spelling it out and people would be getting it wrong. To me it sounds like a Muslim boy's name.

Esme is very pretty though.

pollyblue · 20/02/2008 15:07

How about Alicia? Of the three you suggest I'd plump for Lucy.

3andnomore · 20/02/2008 17:05

Don't like Ismay much (like someone already mentioned rhymes to well with dismay.
Lucy and Naomi are both lovely names.
I do like Esme a, maybe instead of Ismay, lol!

3andnomore · 20/02/2008 17:05

Also, with Ismay, if it is Ismay much like Kiss me kate, lol!

runnyhabbit · 20/02/2008 17:10

Fwiw, I'm a 30 something Lucy, and I've always liked the name I think its popular, but not common iyswim.

Naomi pretty as well, but as has already been said, there are a few different ways of pronouncing it.

Not sure about Ismay. Maybe its because I've never heard of it before

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark · 20/02/2008 17:13

Lucy is nice, popular but classic!
Lucy Kate sounds nice as well

Fimbo · 20/02/2008 17:14


TheFallenMadonna · 20/02/2008 17:17

Naomi I like very much.

Lucy is one of the name I have an irrational dislike of. Apologies to all Lucys/mothers of Lucys. I do acknowledge it is irrational....

Iota · 20/02/2008 17:20

I like Ismay she was a character in 'The Water's lovely' by Ruth Rendell

I like the other name too

bluefox · 20/02/2008 17:27

Lucy is a lovely name but dont like it spelt Lucie

hatrick · 20/02/2008 20:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

motherinferior · 20/02/2008 20:46


I've got a Naomi. She's adorable. Also it is a name you don't have to be pretty for - I do think it's important not to give a girl an overly girly name, just, you know, in case she turns out to look like Ann Widdicombe and/or be a respectable nuclear physicist.

ChiefFairyCakeMaker · 20/02/2008 22:35

I've got a Lucy, there are 4 in her school of 100, there were another 2 in her ballet class of about 12 but maybe it's popularity depends on where you live. I wish I'd called her something less popular now.

DS is Riley which is much less common and I really like it

bluenosesaint · 20/02/2008 22:51

Love Lucy, but would definitely spell it Lucy and not Lucie

msappropriate · 22/02/2008 11:12

Just watched a power rangers dino thunder dvd end credits and there was an Ismay (the actor/actresses name) the character was called Mayday so not sure if it was a man or woman.

WestCountryLass · 22/02/2008 11:15

I like Naomi lots!

Why do names have to 'go', they are individuals in their own right See what she looks like when she arrives and I am sure one of them will fit.

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