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Baby names

Opinions please for these names!

30 replies

Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 12:42

Wondered what people thought of these names....we like the idea of a name that can be shortened whilst they are young, but they can then choose if they want to use the full version when they are older.
Only trouble is that there are also a couple of names we really like which cannot be shortened, please help! We have chosen middle names after relatives.


Jessica (Jessy/Jess)

(Florence will be the middle name)


Frederick (Freddie/Fred..named after a great grandparent)

(Toby will be the middle name)

OP posts:

Beauregard · 19/02/2008 12:44

Honestly ?

I don't think that the 1st names you have chosen go with the middle names .

I love Lola(have one myself)
And Freddie is great.


Beauregard · 19/02/2008 12:47

I suppose Lola Florence might go but depends on your surname.


throckenholt · 19/02/2008 12:47

well - it doesn't really matter what people think - but of those names I would choose Jessica and Oscar (but then I would not have chosen any of them anyway - or if I had DH would probably have vetoed it !).

Actually - I really like Oscar.


belgo · 19/02/2008 12:48

Jessica Florence goes better then Lola Florence.

Frederick Toby is fine. Not so keen on Oscar.


LaDiDaDi · 19/02/2008 12:48

Like both boys names and think that either could go with Toby depending upon your surname.

Both girls names are ok for me but imo neither goes with Florence.


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 12:49

Unfortunately i'm stuck with Toby as a middle name, it was a compromise with DH as he wanted it as a first name which sounds ridiculous with our surname. Plus it's the name of his Uncle which he loves!!

I thought Lola Florence was nice?

OP posts:

Cataline · 19/02/2008 12:50

All really lovely names but i'm also not sure that your firsts suit your middles IYSWIM?


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 12:55

I don't know about anyone else but I never use my middle name apart from when filling in application forms or such like.

How important are they?
Other than when your child gets a telling off that is!! (wink)

OP posts:

themildmanneredjanitor · 19/02/2008 12:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 17:04

I've found out a few more family names for a middle name, what do we think of:


Not sure myself if any of these go with Jessica or Lola either! God this is so difficult!

OP posts:

belgo · 19/02/2008 17:06

I like all of those names for a middle name


Fimbo · 19/02/2008 17:08

May is the best imo.

Jessica May
Lola May


littlelapin · 19/02/2008 17:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 17:14

I've just looked up Jessica May on the internet , would i be right in thinking she is a well know porn star!!!?????

OP posts:

littlelapin · 19/02/2008 17:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark · 19/02/2008 17:31

Like Jessica v much


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 17:47

I'm starting to think as much as I like Lola it's just not as flexible as Jessica.

So maybe

Jessica Mary or Jessica Florence?

OP posts:

LaDiDaDi · 19/02/2008 18:26

Jessica Mary is the best of those two I think.

Lola Jane is also pretty.


dizzydixies · 19/02/2008 18:28

I know 2 x Lola Ray and a Lila florence
not much help sorry!


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 18:38

Is Lila short for something?

OP posts:

mustsleep · 19/02/2008 18:43

i believe lila is short for delilah which i love but dh hates


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 18:45

Oh dear, that wouldn't go with my surname!

OP posts:

Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 18:49

Oh dear again, Lola is short for Dolores, the definition being:feeling or expressing great sorrow or distress! hmm

OP posts:

dizzydixies · 19/02/2008 18:56

Lila is just on her own in my friends case

Lola can also be short for Lolita


Lennsuey · 19/02/2008 19:01

Lolita worries me as there are too many references to things of a sexual nature!

OP posts:
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