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Patrick, Christopher or Marcus?

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SoPrettyVacant · 04/05/2023 18:48


Looking for a little help and opinions - we are having a surprise and we have decided definitely on our girl name and completely agree.

Now for the boys! I really love Patrick but DH says he doesn’t mind it (is less keen) and we both don’t like the Pat/Paddy nicknames. We both have Irish ancestry and it was my late grandad’s middle name which I think is lovely.
Christopher and Marcus I like a lot, DH really likes Marcus - he slightly prefers Marc but it’s too short with our surname.
But I can’t get over my love of the name Patrick!

His middle name would be David.

Any help? 😊 TIA!

OP posts:
CurlewKate · 07/05/2023 08:38

@BHRK Or never shorten it yourself and let the owner of the name and other people do what they want!

DuchessOfSausage · 07/05/2023 12:38

@CurlewKate , when the name is on a steep curve upwards, it could turn out to be very popular where you live, or it could become extremely popular very quickly. Sometimes names can go from the top 150 to being in the top 50 in a year.

@BHRK , you can try, but you can't stop everyone.

AussieKoala · 07/05/2023 17:35

DuchessOfSausage · 05/05/2023 11:46

@AussieKoala , @sevenbyseven , Kit has soared in popularity
Babies called Kit in England & Wales since 1996 (
Babies called Christopher in England & Wales since 1996 (

I only know one adult Kit (Christopher) and one little boy (just Kit), but it is much loved on here, and it's probably one of those names that are more popular in some areas.

Thanks for the link 🙂 i think it's a great name

ourflagmeansdeath · 07/05/2023 17:39

Marcus David is lovely, and I really like Christopher too. Not keen on Patrick at all.

Ellmau · 08/05/2023 18:36

Patrick is a great choice.

Phos · 08/05/2023 18:38

I prefer Marcus. The other two seem a bit dated (even though I'm sure plenty people will tell me they're "classic") and I don't like any of the shortened forms of them.

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