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Patrick, Christopher or Marcus?

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SoPrettyVacant · 04/05/2023 18:48


Looking for a little help and opinions - we are having a surprise and we have decided definitely on our girl name and completely agree.

Now for the boys! I really love Patrick but DH says he doesn’t mind it (is less keen) and we both don’t like the Pat/Paddy nicknames. We both have Irish ancestry and it was my late grandad’s middle name which I think is lovely.
Christopher and Marcus I like a lot, DH really likes Marcus - he slightly prefers Marc but it’s too short with our surname.
But I can’t get over my love of the name Patrick!

His middle name would be David.

Any help? 😊 TIA!

OP posts:
Bloodynitpickingpixie · 04/05/2023 18:53

I like Marcus off your list the best.

ComeTheFuckOnBridgett · 04/05/2023 18:54

Marcus out of the three.

Abracadabra12345 · 04/05/2023 18:55

Marcus David is a great name

Rauha · 04/05/2023 18:55


CurlewKate · 04/05/2023 18:55

I have a Patrick who is never anything but Patrick except on the football field. It's a lovely name, he likes it and he's 20 and has only ever met one other one. I tried to introduce a couple of what I thought were super cute shortenings when he was little-but he utterly refused to respond to them. So Patrick he is! Go for it.

DisplayPurposesOnly · 04/05/2023 18:55

Marcus Patrick Surname.

FionnulaTheCooler · 04/05/2023 18:55

I like Christopher.

StopFeckingFaffing · 04/05/2023 18:56

Patrick is my favourite too but Marcus is good too

sevenbyseven · 04/05/2023 18:58

Ooooh I like all of those - all underused at the moment but not too dated sounding.

I know a young Christopher and Patrick, both aged 15 and both names never shortened, but haven't met a young Marcus.

MissyB1 · 04/05/2023 18:59

I have a teenage Patrick, everyone calls him Patrick, he has never been Paddy or Pat.

SkaneTos · 04/05/2023 19:01


Simd1 · 04/05/2023 19:02

Patrick is a great name and you could easily go by the full version. I also like Marcus, but not as much. Ambivalent about Christopher.

sandrene · 04/05/2023 19:03

Patrick is nicest!

emmathedilemma · 04/05/2023 19:37

Team Patrick here! I know a few of all ages and it suits them all with the various nn of Pat / Paddy /Patty when he was little.

Nimbostratus100 · 04/05/2023 19:39

Marcus is lovely, Patrick too, Christopher is my least favourite

PurBal · 04/05/2023 19:40

Love Patrick and Christopher, both were on our shortlist. Prefer Mark to Marcus.

WomanBitingATowel · 04/05/2023 19:41

No Patricks I know under the age of 45 or 50 are ever abbreviated. It’s my favourite of your three.

Christopher always evokes the cutesy babyishness of Christopher Robin for me, and I always see Marcus as the name of someone very toothy-looking, like Stephen Mangan, only threatening…?

Awrite · 04/05/2023 19:41

I love Patrick.

I like the other two.

NetZeroZealot · 04/05/2023 19:44

Not Marcus.

I know a lot of wankers called Marcus.

twitchwitch · 04/05/2023 19:48

Patrick is definitely my favourite.

I'm not so keen on either of the others. I know a couple of Chris/Christophers who actively dislike their own name!

PickledScrump · 04/05/2023 19:54

Patrick is the best. I knew of a really great one who went by Trick which I always thought was quite cool. Not a huge fan of Christopher but Kit or Topher are ok. I really dislike Marcus

SallyWD · 04/05/2023 19:55

I like them all!


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Birdsongsinging · 04/05/2023 19:56

Marcus is definitely best. Not keen on Patrick or Christopher but Patrick is marginally better.

Jaxhog · 04/05/2023 19:58

I'm married to a Patrick, so love the name (and the man). He has never shortened it and won't reply to Paddy or Pat.

cptartapp · 04/05/2023 20:09

I quite like Christopher. Dislike Patrick.

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