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Baby names

So why do people choose a "proper" name...

93 replies

3andnomore · 15/02/2008 23:52

only to shorten it at Birth?
What is it about calling a Baby Amilai but never using the name, but using Millie, or Benjamin but always calling them Ben...
I mean, why then not just call them Millie or Ben?
Surely if that is the name you want to call your child...
Obviously I do realise that nicknames can evolve through the childs life, but this whole "premeditated" giving it a long (proper) name and nicknaming it at birht something else is sort of , erm....pointless...and kind of really annoying? (I do realise that might jsut be me, lol...that gets annoyed, I mean...but I ratehr encounter a "chavvily" named child but it's actually the name, then a Ben really called Benjamin

OP posts:

misdee · 15/02/2008 23:54

dd1 is called Nicole. for about the first 4 years she was known as Nic/Nicky. Now she insists we call her Nicole and gets very stroppy if i forget and call her Nic lol.


Sam100 · 15/02/2008 23:55

So when they get bigger you have a full "telling off" name to get their attention in middle of very busy playground! This requires full first name plus middle name and (if v naughty) surname at increased volume!


3andnomore · 15/02/2008 23:55

girl after my own heart then ;)

OP posts:

wheresthehamster · 15/02/2008 23:55

I think that as well.

I wanted to call dd3 Connie but dp would only have it if she was registered as Constance. No way. We called her Anna instead.


3andnomore · 15/02/2008 23:57

oh, am a great fan of middlenames (if there is any sentimental family value to them, the impact is always there...all my boys have names that can't really be shortened , or, well they just aren't anyway...

OP posts:

3andnomore · 15/02/2008 23:57

anna is a lovely name, hamster

OP posts:

oliviaelanasmum · 15/02/2008 23:58

We named dd3 Maisy-Rae within days she was reduced to MooMoo now 5 months later its just Moo


Neverenough · 16/02/2008 00:00

'tIS ONLY YOU............
Matter of taste really......
I remember finding it odd that a family of 5 boys should call their sixth child, a much wanted girl...........Charlie!
I always echo an Obstetrician I worked for........before giving a baby a name try out what it sounds like when their Mum calls them, their teacher calls them, their boss cals them and their spouse calls them.....
I like to give a child the option.......Elizabeh or Lizzie,,,,,,,,,
Edward or Ed, Eddie, Ted,Ned.....


alfiesbabe · 16/02/2008 00:10

I think for many people, they like the option of having the full name, or the shortened version, depending on the occasion. I have a full name which I like to use in more formal work situations, but am known most of the time by my abbreviated name.
Also, for many people, the meaning of a name is important. Definitely was for me and DH - all my children's names have a beautiful meaning. I love the name Rebecca, but once I found out it means 'a noose' I couldnt bear to use it!


shelleylou · 16/02/2008 00:24

I didnt bother going for a full name knowing i wouldnt ever call my son Joshua and not being sure whether i liked the full name. I had a conversation with my mum and she pointed out that if he became a doctor or some other profession it would sound better than just josh. Not sure if she said this to try and get me to change it so she can get pressents for him with his name on easier lol.


unknownrebelbang · 16/02/2008 00:39

Each to their own. Could be all sorts of reasons.

DS1 and DS3 have always used their full names, DS2 however was given his dad's first name, but we chose to use a different version from the day he was born, to give him his own identity whilst having his dad's name.

It makes sense to us, if to no one else.


Flibbertyjibbet · 16/02/2008 00:41

These trendy shortened names, Ellie for Eleanor, Joe for Joseph.. agree with Neverenough, give them the full name on the documentation and shorten it to the cute 'baby' version, but let them have a choice later. Doesn't Eleanor sound better for a medical school application than Ellie? (or am I just wierd and old fashioned??)

Do you think in a future generation, birth certificates will put Barb instead of Barbara, Ali instead of Alison, Nath instead of Nathan?
If that sounds daft then thats what everyone is doing with the current trend for shortened names (IMO!!!! only IMO!!!)


unknownrebelbang · 16/02/2008 00:44

I've got a shortened name.

Everyone assumes that it's not my real name, that I've chosen to shorten it, and I've also been told that the spelling is naff (hmm).


3andnomore · 16/02/2008 00:47

well...but Ben is a real name, so is Millie now, and so on...
must say, for me the "short version" only put me off names,, maybe that is why I have such aversion....!
I also believe that well, nicknames, should be that...i.e. develope if that makes sense...
if you don't like Joshua, don't call your child that....if you don't really like James...well the name isn't for your child then, and so on...I mean, there are plenty proper names that you may like and could use, without resorting to shortening, lol...

OP posts:

unknownrebelbang · 16/02/2008 00:55

We wanted to name DS2 after his dad, but also use the different version.

We didn't want to call him anything else (well actually I did, but that name - his middle name - really wouldn't have worked with our surname).

Call us contrary. Who cares?

And even in the 21st century, with my shortened name, folk wrongly assume I've shortened it, and refer to the spelling as naff. I'm 41 fgs, and I didn't choose it, or how to spell it!


Neverenough · 16/02/2008 00:59

Well call me old fashioned but I assume that Ben is short for Benjamin or Benedict and Millie for Amelia, Emily etc.
I suppose I should be glad they haven't had made up names-Jye anyone?(after Jai in Jungle Book ........only Mum couldn't spell.....)


chunkychips · 16/02/2008 01:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Bendi · 16/02/2008 01:20

Neverenough & chunkychips - you're old fashioned & 'in a professional capacity, with distinction' my arse. Satisfied? I work with Mums that, when asked how they spell their 1 hour old DC's names respond 'I don't fraikin know'. & you're right, we might ALL start making our own names up & the where would you be then? Up the creek, perchance? Without one's paddle? What would we tell the staff?

I'm staggered that you think you deserve airtime frankly - saw that old class thread the other day & slunk right away, but if this is what passes for..........ooh, you're taking the mick, aren't you, please?????


Neverenough · 16/02/2008 01:24

Oh goodness bendi......we should all sink so low!
So, because you work with uneducated people, I should let my standards go? Puh-lease!
What happened to an opinion being acceptable as just that-my opinion?
My name is neverenough and I like old-fashioned names!


Bendi · 16/02/2008 01:45

Your 'name is neverenough & you like old fashioned names'; just what does that mean?

Who should sink so low as whom?

You say uneducated, I say state educated -whats your point? The Mums I'm talking about are the common garden variety - not neccesarily as thick as you imply, but I'm loving your indignation - puh-lease continue!

What happened to an opinion being just that is when it appears to stamp on other people - "call me old fashioned" roughly equates, in my neck of the woods to "don't think me rude" or "no offense, but". No?


Neverenough · 16/02/2008 01:53

Not quite sure what you are agitated about Bendi.
FWIW my children are state educated.
Not sure that not knowing how you are going to spell your child's name within an hour or so of delivery equates with being "thick" either!
Matter of choice surely?


Bendi · 16/02/2008 02:33

NENuff - Not agitated, just a bit sickened really - why is that you think it's OK to be snotty about what strangers do with their DC's name? It's only the 1st,most important & fairly imutable gift that you give your darling. And you don't like it? Oh, well then, now you mention it, should I not call her Buble or Vespa? And if her sainted Italian grandmother was called Vespa would that make it alright with you? It matters to you how?
If it's Jai or Jye or WTF?

And I don't give a shiny one how your children are educated; that wasn't the point, not was the relative 'thickness' of Mums.

You've not responded to my previous points, but I do find your po facedness (guessing not a real phrase)fairly revolting.


denbury · 16/02/2008 03:31

my son is a benjamin but everyone else has shortened it to ben(hes just turned 4).funny thing though that his best friend calls him benjamin to


Alishanty · 16/02/2008 09:23

I agree that it's nice for them to have the choice when they are older. My sister is called Amelia, we called her Millie when she was little. Now she is 13 she prefers Amelia for school but Mili for close friends and family. similarly my 18 mth old ds is called Solomon. We call him Solly but when he is older he can have the option of Solomon, Solly or Sol, I shall let him decide.


ivykaty44 · 16/02/2008 09:27

It is so that when the child is naughty they can use the full proper name to call that child and said child will know instantly they are "in trouble"

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