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Baby names

Why do people do these mad bodyswerves to avoid names?

105 replies

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 14:07

Just give your child a name you like and don't go all-out to avoid anything someone else will choose.

OP posts:

MamaG · 13/02/2008 14:08

maybe they don't like their child being "Matthew P" "matthew H" "Matthew J" etc


AitchTwoOh · 13/02/2008 14:09

i think the same, actually. i like your son's name hunker and have always thought i would call a boy that, despite it beiing v popular. i bet one of my pals is about to choose it and it wouldn't make me change what is a family name for me.


Bramshott · 13/02/2008 14:12

Why do people obsess and obsess about what to call it, months in advance?!? Just pick a few names, wait till it pops out, then see what it looks like? no?


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 14:12

I have an ultra-common first name though (if you've been to my blog you'll know it ).

And I was the only one in my year - almost 200 children (OK, granted, half of them were boys), but still.

And there were several Alexas and the like in my year.

Thank you, Aitch - I love DS2's name (well, clearly I love DS1's as well!). DS1's is a lot "rarer" - not top 100 - and I did waver a bit over giving DS2 a name that was more oft-used, but it suits him SO much (and I use a three-letter diminutive of it quite often anyway ).

And he may be the only one in his year, as I was.

OP posts:

MamaG · 13/02/2008 14:15

bramshott i chose DD's name quite early in PG and stuck with it - didn't tell anybody and nobody said they disliked it

There are 3 of them in her school, but it doesn't bother me TBH


PrettyCandles · 13/02/2008 14:20

There are 4 of ds1's name in his year alone. When we realised that we had chosen very common names for him we just had to accept that there would be others with those names in among his peers. When we came to choose names for dd and ds2 we decided that we weren't bothered about others being called the same, and went with names we liked.

I have only once met someone with the same name as me in the UK, and TBH have at times been fed up with having such an unusual name - spelling it out and still getting things wrongly addressed, having to repeat it a million times and still getting it mispronounced, forever relating its origin, and so on. So I have no objection to my LOs having ordinary - but beautiful - names.


Buda · 13/02/2008 14:27

I didn't think Matthew was overly popular when I chose it thanks MamaG .


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 14:29

I don't know any Matthews of under about the age of 15.

OP posts:

MamaG · 13/02/2008 14:31


I only chose Matthew becuase there are 3 in DS's nursery - its actually a name I love, so well done, good choise


Buda · 13/02/2008 14:32


MamaG · 13/02/2008 14:32

good choice, of course

(oh the shame)


mrsruffallo · 13/02/2008 14:39

I just chjose names that I liked. I found choosing a girls name quite hard and eventually went for a surnamey kind of name that people have referred to on here as a bit chavvy.
The only other people I knew with it were very succesful publisher and a cahracter in a film!
But it doesn't matter anyway-she's a bright little button and I still like the name which is why I wouldn't post on here!


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 15:03

I reckon most MNers have hidden the Baby Names topic

OP posts:

FJLA · 13/02/2008 15:05

The thing is, you can't guarantee that your child (with his/her unusual name) will be the only in their class. There is one Jack in the whole of my son's school and the only name duplicated in his class is Nadine.
There are two Marthas in my friend's DS's year 1 class and no name in the top 10.
Everyone is trying so hard to be different these days that Digby, Caspian and Juniper are more predictable than refreshing.


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 15:09

FJLA, that's my point exactly!

OP posts:

BirdyArms · 13/02/2008 15:10

I chose family names for mine - for ds1 on purpose becasue I had a wonderful great uncle with that name, and for ds2 by chance the only name that dh and I could agree on was my grandad's name. Anyway have got them the wrong way round, my quiet self-effacing intelligent great uncle's name has gone to total loon of a ds1 and gregarious, fun but not thoughtful grandad's name has gone to bright and contented ds2. Shame you don't know a bit more about their personailities before you name them!


MamaG · 13/02/2008 15:10

I'm actually quite drawn to baby names topic TBH

I prefer "jack or toby" threads to "choose me a boys name"


marina · 13/02/2008 15:10

Ds' name is in the top 10 or 20 of several newspaper name charts. Apart from one friend whose second child has it too, he is the only child we know with it.
Dd's name is also apparently rocketing in popularity year on year (which may mean she can pass for five years younger in later life ). She is also the only one we know, although we know one child with a variant.
Agree hunker, we chose names we liked


scorpio1 · 13/02/2008 15:11

My ds1 name was really unusual when i named him; now i have met at least 2 others in local parks. I called ds2 a very normal name and db3 due in 8 weeks also is having a very normal name.

I have no spelling trouble with ds2 name, thank god, was starting to drive me potty with Ds1.


TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 15:16

we had no idea how popular dd's name was when we chose it. She is the only one in her nursery class but there are two or three others at nursery and another in the after school club they run. Bothered? Nope.

I have a name that was very common amongst my peers at school but oddly I don't know any others with my name in RL now.

I always maintain that I will choose names that one can buy printed on Mugs etc. I loved pre-printed name tat as a child and now dd can recognise her name she loves it too. Why deny her the pleasure in an effort to be different?


Miaou · 13/02/2008 15:24

Out of my four, three have fairly common names (we know of at least more than one other child with their name). Dd2's name is so unusual that most people have trouble pronouncing it (not helped by the fact that it is similar to a much more popular girls' name!).

But the names suit them and we like them all.

When I was at school there were three Sarahs in my class, two Lisas, two Andrews and three Marks. They all got known as things like "fat Sarah" , "smelly Mark" etc (nice people I went to school with ) and I vowed I would not give my kids common names for that reason. However it seemed less of an issue as I grew up , though I know for a fact that dd1 is known as "quiet x".

(and btw I know loads and loads of Matthews - very popular name where I live!)


claireybee · 13/02/2008 15:27

DD's name is very unusual, but only because it was the only name dh and I could agree on. We didn't set out particularly looking for an unusual name. Ds' name is far more common!


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 15:28

(Miaou, I get asked if I've got Scottish connections quite frequently - am wondering about naming a third boy Jock McSporran and looking blank if people ask me that )

OP posts:

purpleturtle · 13/02/2008 15:29

Ds1 is Noah. I'd never heard of another one when we named him, but within 3 weeks another child in our church was called Noah (and his mum's name is the same as mine!). There was a Noah at nursery with him, when we went to Australia for 3 months we met 2 Noahs. When he started school in September in a school with a reception intake of 20 there are 2! We went to the park the other day and of the 2 children in the park who weren't mine one was called Noah.

Fortunately, I still think it's a great name.

Dd (nearly 7) has been known to cry over the fact that she doesn't know anyone else with her name.


princessosyth · 13/02/2008 15:30

I help do the book bags at Ds's nursery and there are 5 children called Louis, 6 called Lucy and I think 4 called Oliver and Lily. Their stuff always gets mixed up and there have been a few issues with party invites, so personally I would avoid a name in the top 25.

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