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Cool or not?

36 replies

JessRose23 · 16/03/2023 14:04

Our surname is Rose. I have my heart set on Georgia Grace Vera Rose - Gigi Rose. Is it cool or just tacky? I’m finding it so hard with our last name

OP posts:
JessRose23 · 16/03/2023 14:04

I also like Amelia Vera but worry it’ll be a bit popular?

OP posts:
goldenfoliage · 16/03/2023 14:35

I love Georgia Grace Vera Rose. That's so pretty and love the nickname.

DPotter · 16/03/2023 14:46


SummaLuvin · 16/03/2023 15:31

not sure I find it cool or tacky, it feels to ordinary and conventional to fit either of those categories

Nimbostratus100 · 16/03/2023 15:32

I think it is lovely

JessRose23 · 16/03/2023 15:39

Thanks for your comments! I’m reality happy with ordinary aslong as it’s not tacky 🤣

OP posts:
rosecupcakes · 16/03/2023 15:44

Rose is a lovely surname.
In all honesty I would think you've been inspired by the celebrity model Gigi, perhaps because I know couple who have a young Gigi and they chose the name inspird by the fashion model. Not that keen on Georgia myself but it makes a change. Amelia is everywhere. I like Vera Rose.

ourflagmeansdeath · 16/03/2023 18:38

You have such a beautiful surname. Georgia Rose is a lovely lovely name for registers, forms etc. so that's a fab choice either way, don't let go of it! - the nickname Gigi is super cute too, and she still has options with the full name Georgia.

And I quite like Georgia Grace Vera Rose although perhaps 2 middle names isn't necessary?? Georgia Vera Rose flows better with me, especially considering Grace is so popular. But either way pretty name, great choice!

ourflagmeansdeath · 16/03/2023 18:39

Oh also I think Georgia is much nicer than Amelia, Amelia is a birth defect so I'll always see it as that.

MissCherryCakeyBun · 16/03/2023 18:53

Beautiful names, and very usable as an adult too.

iamnottoofatiamjusttooshort · 16/03/2023 19:16

Love the full name .. love the short every day name too
Lush !

Twoinapod · 16/03/2023 19:36

Isn’t there a one direction song about a girl called Georgia rose? I hate them but it was played ever for a while so people may assume your a fan of there’s.

JessRose23 · 16/03/2023 19:37

Thank you for your comments! I know what you mean about two middle names, I just included Grace so we could nickname her Gigi but do you think we could without the Grace? Which do you prefer
Georgia Grace Vera Rose or
Georgia Vera Rose?

thanks x

OP posts:
BevMarsh · 16/03/2023 19:40

Georgia Grace Vera Rose is a beautiful name.
Love it!!!

KirstenBlest · 16/03/2023 19:44

I don't like Gigi or anything Grace.
Gigi makes me think of a slightly dodgy fil, and horses.
Georgia is nice.

KirstenBlest · 16/03/2023 19:44

film not fil!

slowsundays · 16/03/2023 19:44

Georgia Rose is perfect.

Toomanybooks22 · 16/03/2023 19:45

Beautiful name and it'll work well whatever she chooses to do when she's an adult.

HappyScotch · 16/03/2023 19:45

ourflagmeansdeath · 16/03/2023 18:39

Oh also I think Georgia is much nicer than Amelia, Amelia is a birth defect so I'll always see it as that.

how is Amelia a birth defect?

Pocketfullofdogtreats · 16/03/2023 19:48

You could easily have Gigi as a nn for Georgia. Georgia Vera Rose is not tacky.

MissCherryCakeyBun · 16/03/2023 19:48


Amelia is a congenital anomaly characterized by the complete absence of one or more limbs (see Fig. 36). It can be distinguished from other limb deficiencies, especially terminal transverse deficiencies, and rare conditions such as sirenomelia and limb-body wall spectrum

SallyWD · 16/03/2023 19:48

I love the full bane but not keen on Gigi. Georgia Rose is gorgeous though

Nimbostratus100 · 16/03/2023 19:59

how about Georgina with the nick name Gina?

user1492757084 · 17/03/2023 03:50

Georgia has two Gs so Gigi is a nick name.

Vera Rose sounds messy in the middle with the double RR sound.

Georgia Rose is lovely.
Grace and Rose also sound quite SSSy

Others you might like ..

Georgia Amalie Rose - gigi
Georgia Genevieve Rose - gigi
Georgia Grace Rose
Georgia Annie Rose

Amelia Vera Jane Rose
Georgia Vera Jane Rose

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName · 19/03/2023 18:03

Love Vera & Grace but not a massive fan of Georgia. Do like Gigi though

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