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Jude - too popular?!

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Autumn231 · 14/03/2023 14:08

We really like the name Jude but I feel like it’s everywhere at the moment! I know three people who have had a baby this year called Jude. None of them are people we are close too so it’s not an issue, but I’m just wondering if it’s going to be a case of there being five Judes in his school class.

Our eldest DS has a less common name and we were keen for something that wasn’t too popular this time too (I’m not sure why it matters).

Has everyone else been hearing a lot of babies called Jude or is it just me?

Any other suggestions…

OP posts:
polkapolkadot · 14/03/2023 14:11

Haven't heard of a single Jude for years!

It's my DH's fave boys name and was always going to be our boys name if we had one (we had a girl).

Id say go for it! It's not a 'trendy' name per se and will always be classic.

MyMumsOnMN · 14/03/2023 14:12

I like Jude

Twoinapod · 14/03/2023 14:33

The ones I know of are 15+ now

stardustpixy · 14/03/2023 14:36

I know a Jude about two years old

SummaLuvin · 14/03/2023 15:13

this site is good for tracking names trends, it has the England & Wales baby name data from 1996 to the most recent release (2021). Jude appears to be on an upward trajectory and doesn't appear to have peaked yet so who knows where it will finally plateau.

Generally speaking there are a greater number of names in use in 2023 than when any of us where children so the 5 Toms in a class is much less likely as the top names are used by fewer children.

Ultimately 'too popular' isn't a straight forward yes or no, it's so dependant on individual views, some people are fine with a name providing it isn't top 10, other feel anything within top 100 is too popular. For me personally, rank 40 alone wouldn't concern me, but that paired with its current firm upward trend would give me pause.

Reddahlias · 14/03/2023 15:22

I don't know any... but Jude is the German word for Jew and written on the yellow star.

embarrassed23 · 14/03/2023 15:34

I know of one Jude who is about 3 or 4. Not a common name imo. I like it it's beautiful name go for it x

GiltEdges · 14/03/2023 15:49

There's a (4yo) Jude in DS's pre school class, he's the only one I've ever come across.

SallyWD · 14/03/2023 15:51

I only know one who's about 3. I don't think it's too common at all.

Meandfour · 14/03/2023 16:03

I only know one Jude and he’s 14 now so not heard it for years really.

It’s a lovely choice.

MerryMarigold · 14/03/2023 16:13

I have one (14yo). He's always been the only one in his year group at primary and secondary (180 kids).

I have worked in preschools and nurseries for the past 5 years and not come across one yet either. We are south East.

I have heard of a couple, people who have a little brother or cousin but not actually met any!

HouseOfEssex · 14/03/2023 16:27

If you love it use it! We named our son James accepting he'd be James Surname for his entire school life. 3 years in school he hasn't yet had another James in his class

WowIlikereallyhateyou · 14/03/2023 16:34

Lots of judes here. Reminds me of judas im afraid.

WowIlikereallyhateyou · 14/03/2023 16:34

Also jude the obscure!

DuchessOfSausage · 14/03/2023 17:32

It's the 40th most popular boy's name (England & Wales 2021 figures), and on an upward trend. It might be particularly popular in your circle.

Autumn231 · 14/03/2023 21:24

Thanks everyone! Really interesting, it’s clearly just particularly popular with people I know. @SummaLuvin that website is going to keep me entertained for hours, thanks for sharing!

OP posts:
OneCup · 14/03/2023 21:27

I know a 7 and a 4 yo.

NotHooray · 14/03/2023 21:27

I have a two and a bit year old Jude and he's the only Jude I know of any age Smile

crazylady121 · 14/03/2023 23:32

My grandson born Dec last year is Jude😊I really like the name.

Marshmallowmountain · 14/03/2023 23:37

Lots of Jude’s around here (south east)

Luredbyapomegranate · 15/03/2023 20:37

Loads of Judes sorry - does seem to be taking over from Leo.. it is nice though

any good???

SophiaSW1 · 15/03/2023 21:08

It was more popular a few years ago. I haven't heard of a baby Jude for years.

FiveHundredDucksWentOutOneDay · 15/03/2023 21:16


I know lots of baby Judes. Very popular with football fans.

BettyOBarley · 15/03/2023 21:20

I like Jude!
I only know one who's about 7. Not heard it for a baby recently.
I wouldn't worry too much if you really like it. DS's name was No2 on the top 10 list. We've only come across one other boy with the same name through nursery, pre-school and school (now 6)

Ameadowwalk · 15/03/2023 21:20

All the Judes I know are female.

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