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Jude - too popular?!

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Autumn231 · 14/03/2023 14:08

We really like the name Jude but I feel like it’s everywhere at the moment! I know three people who have had a baby this year called Jude. None of them are people we are close too so it’s not an issue, but I’m just wondering if it’s going to be a case of there being five Judes in his school class.

Our eldest DS has a less common name and we were keen for something that wasn’t too popular this time too (I’m not sure why it matters).

Has everyone else been hearing a lot of babies called Jude or is it just me?

Any other suggestions…

OP posts:
Picklewicklepickle · 15/03/2023 21:29

My DC has 2 in her class! Aged 6. And I know a 1 yo one.

All boys, would like to see hear it on a girl.

mamaduckbone · 15/03/2023 21:29

It's a lovely name and I only know one, who is now 21 and one who is 6 - it's certainly not a common name around here.

WordtoYoMumma · 15/03/2023 21:31

I work in a job where I see many, many children under 5 and I haven't heard of a Jude for years!

YomAsalYomBasal · 15/03/2023 21:31

Lots of Judes in my primary school, 3 in one class!

Missuspotatohead · 15/03/2023 21:36

It’s a lovely name.

TheMadGardener · 15/03/2023 21:38

I've been working in primary schools for nearly 31 years and I have NEVER yet taught a Jude!

resm · 15/03/2023 21:43

I have a 3 year old Jude, only one in his nursery. Have met only 2 others (7 & 10 years old).

MrsCharlieD · 15/03/2023 21:47

I have a Jude who's almost 9. I know 1 other. It was my boys name since I was probably 8 and my dad introduced me to the Beatles. I think in 2013 is was around 75th place on the ONS, it's a lot higher now. It's still my favourite name and holds such special meaning.

DeNeushoornHeeftEenHoorn · 15/03/2023 21:50

I don’t know any little Judes, but it’s a great name.

I think of Jude The Obscure (love Thomas Hardy), Jude Law (a very handsome chap), and the Beatles’ song “Hey Jude”.

All positive associations as far as I am concerned.

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