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Robyn, Hazel, Ella or Lois?

48 replies

Teaandcake2023 · 18/02/2023 19:35

What are your thoughts on these names? Which is your most/ least favourite?


OP posts:
ChillysWaterBottle · 18/02/2023 19:39

Love love looove Robyn and Hazel

Ella and Lois are nice x

BankOfMaeve · 18/02/2023 19:39

Robyn is perfection

HVPRN · 18/02/2023 19:40

My 12 year old says Hazel is the best :)
I like Robyn second :)

Luredbyapomegranate · 18/02/2023 19:45

Lois is my favourite - very underused

I also really like Robin, although just spelt like that. It’s quite popular at the moment, along with Rose and Rowan, plus Roman, Rueben and Rory for boys.. they all sound so similar it might put me off.

Ella is pretty but done to death.

I find Hazel really ugly for some reason, like Olive.


might be others

Sandysandwich · 18/02/2023 19:52

I love Ella and Lois
Hazel is nice

Robyn is not my preference, just because to me it sounds like robbin' like robbing or stealing and I knew a boy called Robin Banks and I never got over how silly that sounded. The whole robbin' thing also ruins any noun surname for me, Robbin' Potts, Robbin' Green etc

Fleur405 · 18/02/2023 19:58

I love Lois and really wanted to use it for my daughter but my OH vetoed it!

WhisperingAutistic · 18/02/2023 20:10


SunsetOverEasterIsland · 18/02/2023 20:10

Love Hazel but all your choices are very nice. I would rank them:
I knew a couple of Hazel's growing up but not a name you hear very often at the moment, due a comeback 😁

touterustome · 18/02/2023 20:10

Hazel for me

Dominoeffecter · 18/02/2023 20:12

Any apart from Hazel

Twoinapod · 18/02/2023 21:20

Hazel is a beautiful name, easy to say, spell and is known without being overly popular.

Ella is fine but really popular.

i really don’t like Robyn or Lois. You also have the added pronounciation issue with lois - low-is vs loyce

MyCatIsAnnoyinglyCute · 18/02/2023 21:47

Argh they are all my least favourite.

Hazel I don’t like as I think it’s an 80s dated name. Reminds me of someone I used to work with who looked like she had the same hairstyle from 1983.

Lois I’ve never liked, ever.

Robyn, again never liked it, ever.

Ella, so dull and overused. Must be about a million Ella Rose/Grace/May’s around. Boring.

2crossedout1 · 18/02/2023 21:47

I like Robyn best

MrsBungle · 18/02/2023 21:52

Lois by a country mile

kathycomehome22 · 18/02/2023 21:56

Robyn is beautiful. To me it's a strong, no nonsense name but it's pretty too. I like the nature link as well. Really is the best by far.

LulooLemon · 18/02/2023 21:57

Robyn - ok
Hazel - nice, but the only Hazel I've known was called 'Hazelnut' at school
Ella - my favourite from your list
Lois - nice, but not everyone pronounces it the same

NosieRosie · 18/02/2023 21:58

Lois or Robyn for me.
I have a class full of Ella’s 🙄

I don’t like Hazel at all - sorry 😬

Name your child whatever you like. Your child’s name is nobody else’s business x

DoNutSweatTheSmallStuff · 18/02/2023 22:05

I like them all except Hazel.
Though I've been put off Robyn and Lois due to their obvious male counterparts (Robin & Louis / Lewis). I prefer more definite female sounding names if that makes sense?!
Ella is nice but heard someone once say it doesn't feel like a full name and more short for eg. Gabriella, Daniella etc. And also heard someone link it to "she's one hell of a..." (sigh)

bluelollipop99 · 19/02/2023 22:30

I love Hazel and Ella x

Pjmasksonrepeat · 19/02/2023 22:35

Robyn and Hazel were on my list. Love them.

Beamur · 19/02/2023 22:46

Lois. Pretty and uncommon.
Robyn/Hazel - ok but not massive fan. Find Hazel quite harsh sounding.
Ella - super sweet but every other girl in her mid teens is called Ella.

marblemad · 19/02/2023 23:12

Can't stand Hazel , where I'm from it's a very council estate mum name, not keen on Robyn either. Lois is different, love Ella.

Theoldwoman · 19/02/2023 23:38

Ella is my favourite one hundred percent.

Lest favourites are Lois and Robyn.

Somanycats · 20/02/2023 00:13

Hazel is best, then Lois, then a long way back Ella, and finally Robyn which I really dislike.

ThunderRolls88 · 20/02/2023 11:32

Robyn is such a 'kind' name to me. Just lovely.

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