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Do you like the name Romilly?

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BurntCrumpet · 12/02/2023 18:23

I'm stuck for a name for our little girl. I want something pretty but a bit unusual and I think I like the name Romilly but can't decide if it's a bit too uncommon. What do you think? I'm also not sure of a middle name but thinking it needs to be a one-syllable name so that it's not too much of a mouthful?

OP posts:
Newpuppymummy · 12/02/2023 21:41

Romilly is lovely.

Romilly Rose

Romilly Rae

Romilly Elizabeth

MistyGreenAndBlue · 12/02/2023 21:43

Sorry, but the first thing that came to mind for me was "Homily" as in the name of the mum in The Borrowers.

Put me right off

Also, based on this thread alone, she'll be one of dozens in her school.

MaydinEssex · 12/02/2023 21:45

I really like it, it's pretty

DillDanding · 12/02/2023 21:45

I love it. I know a Romilly, nn Romy. Gorgeous name.

Soozikinzii · 12/02/2023 21:48

Yes I do and I'm not a great fan of u unusual names . I think it's very adaptable . Milly is nice of course Roma and the full name so your allowing her to choose as she is older.

Neverplayleapfrogwithmrpipes · 12/02/2023 21:49

It's a nice name but is the name of a school and a Wetherspoons in my town!

sevenbyseven · 12/02/2023 22:08

I love it. I've only ever met one, who's now a teenager and is known as Romilly or Roms. It's a strong but pretty name, like a cross between Rose and Emily, but less common than either of those.

FunnysInLaJardin · 12/02/2023 22:10

Romilly is a fab name!

GoodSister · 12/02/2023 22:20

Romilly Is a lovely name

fellrunner85 · 12/02/2023 22:29

This one is going to have a geographical divide as everyone in the North West will automatically think "oh yes, between Bredbury and Hyde."

I think I'd quite like the name otherwise. But it's quite limiting as if she ever moved anywhere near Manchester it would be a total pain for her.

It's not really like other place-name names (India, Lewis, Chelsea, etc) as it's more rare and very specific.

whytesnow · 12/02/2023 23:24

Not really sounds like a nickname something different though

whatausername · 13/02/2023 00:09

BurntCrumpet · 12/02/2023 19:21

It's Romilly not Rommel-ly though. Thanks for your input anyway

If anything this thread has established you really do love the name! But you have piqued my curiosity, how are you pronouncing Rommel? I saw below how you are pronouncing Romilly and the Rommel/Romill portions really are the same!

Congrats on baby Romilly anyway, have you a middle name in mind?

CosyFanTucci · 13/02/2023 00:11

Love it.

Orders76 · 13/02/2023 00:13

Also reminds me of the German Rommel.
Romy is so much nicer, or rosemary.

SunonmyFace · 13/02/2023 00:14

Love it

Been hunting for the actress Romilly, but now know I was thinking of Romola Garai🤔

lovely name, and familiar in an Emily, Cecily kind of way

Sophwoo · 13/02/2023 00:15

I lived in a placed called romiley and I would say it’s not for me but I have a girl called hattie which most people would hate so u go with your gut

teezletangler · 13/02/2023 01:50

Hilary is not a place name. It's an ancient Greek and/or Roman word meaning 'cheerful'.

I meant "surname becoming a first name", in the sense that Hilary really wasn't used between the Middle Ages and the 20th century. It was a surname though, and was then revived as a first name.

Enko · 13/02/2023 07:26

I'm not keen but it's a pretty normal name I doubt anyone will struggle to pronounce or spell it.

goldenfoliage · 13/02/2023 09:33

Love Romilly

fruitandfibreg · 13/02/2023 11:04

I really like it. I used to live near a place called Romilly park tho so I could never use it. Very pretty name though

HoldtheCake · 13/02/2023 16:01

I have a 4 year old Romilly. Felt familiar but nothing that there'd be 2 in class (hopefully)

Nothing but compliments (to my face) but based in the South West

  • distant relatives from the Midlands had to be subtlety shown it wasn't Rom-Lee but rather three syllables...
TheaBrandt · 13/02/2023 16:05

Biased as the only one I know is a great girl. She’s universally known as “Rom” tho

17caterpillars1mouse · 13/02/2023 16:17

I don't think it's that uncommon but I don't like it sorry

Thinkbiglittleone · 13/02/2023 16:26

Sophwoo · 13/02/2023 00:15

I lived in a placed called romiley and I would say it’s not for me but I have a girl called hattie which most people would hate so u go with your gut

I love the name Hattie. It's lovely.

Not so keen on Romiley though.

Ontopofthesunset · 13/02/2023 16:33

It just sounds like a surname to me and also seems to have military overtones - not sure if it is just the Rommel association, which I make too (since the 'i' in the middle of Romilly is unstressed and the 'e' at the end of Rommel is unstressed they sound the same when pronounced) but Captain Romilly sounds like someone from a BBC historic drama. At the same time it's kind of frilly and a bit fussy. I do know one person called this.

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