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names that are also places ..

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nappyaddict · 07/02/2008 18:48

i have heard of washington, china, india, paris, america, london and of course brooklyn. any more you can think of?

OP posts:
CrushWithEyeliner · 07/02/2008 18:48

Dakota - as in Fanning

MAMAZON · 07/02/2008 18:49

i know an Atlanta, Georgia, Asia.
im sure if i think there are more though

rosealbie · 07/02/2008 18:49


MrsMattie · 07/02/2008 18:49

Tennessee - as in Williams.
Tyrone - as in the County in Ireland

McDreamy · 07/02/2008 18:51

I know a Vienna

Blandmum · 07/02/2008 18:51

Hull sounds nice.

And Barking, very manly.

And Saffron-Walden would be a sweet youmg thing that went to ballet.

Ynysybwl would be a rock hard Prop Forward, and with a name like that he would need to be.

Pisa would be prone to getting pissed and staggering round a bit.

ViolentFemme · 07/02/2008 18:51


CalifrauQuoteoftheWeek · 07/02/2008 18:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ViolentFemme · 07/02/2008 18:52

Lol martianbishop!

belgo · 07/02/2008 18:52

Aladaide, Alice (Springs), the names existed long before the places

belgo · 07/02/2008 18:52

Adalaide I mean!

belgo · 07/02/2008 18:53

or is it Adelaide?

ViolentFemme · 07/02/2008 18:53


(oh I'll be at this all night now)

nappyaddict · 07/02/2008 18:55

ah thanks, i think my friend will like a few of these.

OP posts:
MAMAZON · 07/02/2008 18:55

i am ROFL that i missed victoria and Chelsea - they are my sisters name's!

Blandmum · 07/02/2008 18:55

Tell her to go for Barking!

lulu25 · 07/02/2008 18:57


wasn't vienna the name of the cat in rising damp?

McDreamy · 07/02/2008 18:57


Kimi · 07/02/2008 18:57


McDreamy · 07/02/2008 18:57


nooka · 07/02/2008 18:58

Why though? These are not names, they are places? What's wrong with a real name! I met an "America" once and thought it was a truely awful name (not that I said so of course). This was for a three year old little girl - it doesn't exactly trip off your tongue does it, and what about shortenings - none!

Blandmum · 07/02/2008 18:59


That would be nice

Wapping Jones

What a gal!

lulu25 · 07/02/2008 18:59


guadelupe (J-Lo's mum IIRC)

how many do you need? (i love a quiz)

jo25 · 07/02/2008 19:00


and don't for Harlow (as in nicole richie)!

lulu25 · 07/02/2008 19:00

i once read that britney spears got her name because her mother couldn't spell Brittany

but i don't know if that's true

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