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Boy's name needed to go with comedy surname

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notbloodybranston · 06/02/2008 13:19


Am now 31 weeks pregnant with our second child - a little boy. We chose our first child's name (Grace) really quickly and easily but for some reason can't agree on a name and everyone has an opinion/joke suggestion.

We're not helped by the fact that our surname is "Pickles" (why did I change my name!?). So we do get a lot of suggestions along the lines of Branston, Judge, Wilfred...

My favourite names - Tom and Harry - are no goes, as they are already in use by my husband's family.

Please can anyone come up with any suggestions? Just to point you in the right diection, Husband is fairly northern down to earth and thinks that "Reuben" is a made up

OP posts:
onebatmother · 06/02/2008 18:32

vacua you are bad girl.
Actually, Vacua Pickles sounds rather fabulous. Like a heroine from an I Capture THe Castle type book.

Vacua · 06/02/2008 18:33

PETER with middle names: PIPER PICKED A PECK OF PEPPER and surname: PICKLES!

notbloodybranston · 06/02/2008 21:35

Thank you for all your ideas.....and for making me laugh. I did used to be able to laugh about my surname.....but its been a dark and lonely road towards finding a name for this poor child that I have thought of divorce as the only way out...

Husband currently engrossed in some international sporting event and am waiting to be fitted into his schedule for a baby name dicussion.

Vacua - you shouldn't mock the afflicted! Having said that, I supose it is self-afflicted - I didn't have to accept the ring!

and whoever suggested "ickle"...

OP posts:
HalyconDays · 06/02/2008 22:01

How about Dick or Dickie

Stu or Stew?

Joking aside, I also think that the answer lies with a longer name...




CissyCharlton · 06/02/2008 22:03

Max Pickles sounds cute.

3andnomore · 06/02/2008 22:10

Maximilian is nicer, imo

If we go for long names









3andnomore · 06/02/2008 22:11

Isn't one lot of the Rugrats called want to stay away from Phil and Dill

CantSleepWontSleep · 06/02/2008 22:24

Duncan, Anthony and Dominic all sound like good suggestions to me.

VictorianSqualor - we have the same surname as your DP, and I also rather like Felix if this bump is a boy, but had to rule it out too. Dh keeps suggesting Amos . Tell your DP you want Miles .

nooka · 06/02/2008 22:47

I expected a much more silly name from the thread title. I don't think Pickles is that bad at all. I'd go for something longer with short options - think rythym (but sp!). What about something longer and melodic?
Christian or Christopher
Benjamin or Benedict

After all did your dh and family actively get teased? You may be worrying for nothing. We wanted Ezra if we's had another boy Also you may find thinking of both fist and middle name helps you find something you like, again takes the emphasis off the Pickles and on to the names you are actively choosing.

Of the names suggested so far I think Stanley is great though!

Neverenough · 06/02/2008 22:58

Felix Pickles?

He licks pickles!

No . Go for a classic. Edward, James, Charles. Give him gravitas.

jammydodger · 06/02/2008 23:03

Percy Pickles?

Ags · 06/02/2008 23:13

I have a comedy surname too which begins with P and we went for 3 syllables for ds and dd. They had more weight than the surname and sounded quite melodic when put together.

By the way, Pickles is nicer than my surname. Bloody dh!

violetsky · 06/02/2008 23:25

notbloodybranston, if you like william, but think of will and grace, why not call him william and shorten it to liam.

MotherFunk · 06/02/2008 23:51

Message withdrawn

Ags · 07/02/2008 00:59

Don't know why Tommy Pickles sounds like a charactar from an Enid Blyton book. Very cute. And Tom Pickles sounds perfectly nice too.

MotherFunk · 07/02/2008 01:06

Message withdrawn

MotherFunk · 07/02/2008 01:06

Message withdrawn

Flllightattendant · 07/02/2008 04:33

It's a lovely surname, very old fashioned, goes with a surprising lot of first names.

Don't be ashamed of it - stand proud!

I think if you can't use Tom, Benjamin is the best one so far. I actually like Marmaduke, for some reason (weirdo) but there are loads.

Quite jealous actually!!

notbloodybranston · 07/02/2008 09:20

Tom Pickles is perfect - unfortunately there are a few in husband's family already and it is completely out of the running.

I do veer from thinking it's nice to have a surname that's a bit different to wishing we were called "Smith". Especially when we are booking tables at restaurants or using call centres for anything. People always tend to hesitate/laugh/have a complete inability to accept that you are telling them your name is Pickles.

It could be worse though - appparently the name originated in Yorkshire and was originally "Pighills"....

OP posts:
VictorianSqualor · 07/02/2008 11:36

Cantsleepwontsleep. lol!

Cremolafoam · 07/02/2008 11:43


EffiePerine · 07/02/2008 11:50

I am liking Stanley Pickles a lot

Wilberforce Pickles also sounds fab but I'm prob in a minority here

CaptainCod · 07/02/2008 11:51

id say a one syllabel one is good.

not alliterative obv

CaptainCod · 07/02/2008 11:52

or edward then he can be ED

EffiePerine · 07/02/2008 11:53

Charlie Pickles? Dickie Pickles?

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