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Boy's name needed to go with comedy surname

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notbloodybranston · 06/02/2008 13:19


Am now 31 weeks pregnant with our second child - a little boy. We chose our first child's name (Grace) really quickly and easily but for some reason can't agree on a name and everyone has an opinion/joke suggestion.

We're not helped by the fact that our surname is "Pickles" (why did I change my name!?). So we do get a lot of suggestions along the lines of Branston, Judge, Wilfred...

My favourite names - Tom and Harry - are no goes, as they are already in use by my husband's family.

Please can anyone come up with any suggestions? Just to point you in the right diection, Husband is fairly northern down to earth and thinks that "Reuben" is a made up

OP posts:
moljam · 06/02/2008 14:24


i like

FAQ · 06/02/2008 14:26

no - not Adam

A Damn pickle springs to mind!

lionheart · 06/02/2008 14:36

Edward/Edmund, Lucien, Andrew, Luke, Anthony, Francis?

Iklboo · 06/02/2008 14:40

I knew a James Pickles
Francis is nice

or why not go for something like Wolfgang or Perssimion so it detracts?

Sorry - shouldn't take hthe wee wee [shame emoticon]

TheFavCuz · 06/02/2008 15:55

ha ha brilliant. I like Joshua too but then i always liked Jack or Adam...i know ...still obsessed.

what was ever wrong with Jack Cormac pickles?!?! He sounds fit.

what about Jamie/Jameson/Nick/Nicholas/Sanj/Alan/Donal/Joseph? Sorry, just thinking of boys around me. Jesus, moses....i have been asked to add Xavier by a lad in the office!!

Ooh what about Ryan, Patrick, Liam? nice Irish name for ya there. Kian, Brian, shane...sorry, going along the westlife route!

very entertaining - keep it up


MyEye · 06/02/2008 16:00

oh no, no, Michael or Nicholas won't do...
Micky Pickles (very EE gangster innit)
Nicky Pickles

VictorianSqualor · 06/02/2008 16:18

My friend from school has married someone with the surname pickles, she's pregnant too, I hadn't even thought of the tough time she is going to have naming her baby.

Many of us will have it though, DP's surname is Stone, and he suggested the name Felix, hmm, Felix Stone, sounds too much like a place to me, but Felix Pickles is nice.

MrsMattie · 06/02/2008 16:19

Sam? Sam Pickles is a sweet name.

goingfor3 · 06/02/2008 16:21

I love the surname Pickles, our hamster is called Mr Pickles. This thread is really making me laugh.

laughalot · 06/02/2008 16:21

What about Aidan, connor, kyle ?

LargeHotChocSkimmedMilkPlease · 06/02/2008 17:47

Oliver Pickles sounds good, as do other traditional names like Benjamin, William, Alexander (actually I like Alexander Pickles a lot).

Percy Pickles?

VictorianSqualor · 06/02/2008 18:02

Can people stop saying Alexander, That's the name my bump will be having

nortynamechanger · 06/02/2008 18:06

As above, you CANNOT have Willy Pickles.

We have a bit of a comedy surname and I went with unusual (but not made up or unusually spelt ) names.

I like Felix Pickles

Littlefish · 06/02/2008 18:08

You can't have Billy Pickles either (short for William).

I wouldn't go for James either as he will be Jimmy Pickles.

I like Matthew Pickles.

catinthehat · 06/02/2008 18:09


Stanley Pickles
Profesor Stanley Pickles
Lord Pickles of Harrogate
Stan Pickles, centre forward

LilRedWG · 06/02/2008 18:11

Samuel was my favourite is DD had turned out to be DS.

VictorianSqualor · 06/02/2008 18:13

nortynamchanger is right, go for Felix

The name will be unusual enough for peopel not to say 'Pickles' , but not so unusual people will say 'Felix'

cosima · 06/02/2008 18:14


purpleturtle · 06/02/2008 18:16

But Sam Pickles sounds like 'some pickles' in a cockney accent. Don't think that's a goer.

Vacua · 06/02/2008 18:19

I think you need a single syllable nice straightforward name - like Tom, George, Jack or something

onebatmother · 06/02/2008 18:24

Three syllables is working and the way to go, I think. At least it outweighs the Pickles, syllabically.

I thought Moljam's Benjamin Pickles was rather lovely. Sounds.. kind.

hifi · 06/02/2008 18:26


Califrau · 06/02/2008 18:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vacua · 06/02/2008 18:29

yes 3 is good too, especially benjamin

2 is bad

joshua is nice?





could you just change your surname to something less comedic?

3andnomore · 06/02/2008 18:31










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