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Boy's name needed to go with comedy surname

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notbloodybranston · 06/02/2008 13:19


Am now 31 weeks pregnant with our second child - a little boy. We chose our first child's name (Grace) really quickly and easily but for some reason can't agree on a name and everyone has an opinion/joke suggestion.

We're not helped by the fact that our surname is "Pickles" (why did I change my name!?). So we do get a lot of suggestions along the lines of Branston, Judge, Wilfred...

My favourite names - Tom and Harry - are no goes, as they are already in use by my husband's family.

Please can anyone come up with any suggestions? Just to point you in the right diection, Husband is fairly northern down to earth and thinks that "Reuben" is a made up

OP posts:
FioFio · 06/02/2008 13:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Beauregard · 06/02/2008 13:21

Charlie Pickles?

William Pickles?

George Pickles?

singyswife · 06/02/2008 13:22

The surname of the family in rugrats is Pickles and their names are dill (?) and Tommy. Think Tommy is nice.

anorak · 06/02/2008 13:22

You can't have anything in the least rhyming or alliterative or it will sound jingly.

Something plain and simple would be best?


themildmanneredjanitor · 06/02/2008 13:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

comfytoast · 06/02/2008 13:22

ina (sorry)

TREBUCHET · 06/02/2008 13:22

Maybe William? Then you can pick and choose, Billy, Will, etc and save william for best!

Fimbo · 06/02/2008 13:23

I think you need names like:-


PrettyCandles · 06/02/2008 13:23


Disenchanted · 06/02/2008 13:23




Beauregard · 06/02/2008 13:24

Sebastian Pickles?

Must admit i like the suggestion of Freddie.

Tutter · 06/02/2008 13:24

i have a friend called pickles

not so unusual is it?

agree, something plain and traditional - a la william, thomas, james etc

Disenchanted · 06/02/2008 13:24

Nooo not Peter Pickles!!

TREBUCHET · 06/02/2008 13:25

Count yourself lucky you are not married to a historian, my husband campaigned strongly for Cogidubnus and Wulric for our ds. I won, and called him Bertie! Ha ha!

Disenchanted · 06/02/2008 13:25


VanillaPumpkin · 06/02/2008 13:26

Michael is a lovely name.

Carmenere · 06/02/2008 13:26


schneebly · 06/02/2008 13:26

looove the name pickles! I think Matthew Pickles sounds lovely.

tictacto · 06/02/2008 13:30


What about Henry,(like Harry) David or Rufus

snowleopard · 06/02/2008 13:30

I would try to distract from the pickles with something long like Alexander, Jonathan or Christopher. Or something a bit unusual like Marmaduke. Or Rigoberto.

Old fashioned names do go well though, what about Arthur or Edward? Joshua Pickles is nice too.

FioFio · 06/02/2008 13:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

notbloodybranston · 06/02/2008 14:13

Reading these with my friends at work - roaring with laughter..

Like Adam but husband was worried about signature being "A Pickles"....I don't see the problem.

Like William but we have a "Grace" and kept thinking of "Will and Grace" which I loved as a programme but felt that we already have the piss taken out of us enough as it is.

Like Joshua - never thought of that one - will present that to him tonight. James is on our list but isn't calling out to me like "Grace" did for our daughter


I like Snowleopard's suggestion of trying to "distract from the pickles" as it represents my attitude to daily married life!

OP posts:
FioFio · 06/02/2008 14:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

LadyOfWaffle · 06/02/2008 14:16

Not WIlliam! He'll be Willy Pickles. Not Peter either! James? Thomas rather than Tom? Jack?

SoupDragon · 06/02/2008 14:18

I like Matthew

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