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Ella….. and other suggestions?

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Helpnoname · 23/01/2023 16:11


I am expecting my first baby next month and DH and I have always loved the name Ella. However, having spent a bit of time looking at name forums, it sounds as though Ella is VERY VERY popular (I do not know many children and had absolutely no idea it had become so popular!) which is putting me off a little.

It looks as though Ella reached its peak 10-20 years ago and is now on the decline (I think it was number 20 last year). Do you think it is still as popular? How many Ella’s do you know? I know it is not always liked on MN but would be great to hear your thoughts!

We like short names (have a v.long surname) and would love to hear any other suggestions you may have! Ideally looking for a short name that is both easy to spell and pronounce.

Thank you x

OP posts:
thirdtimeluckyorwhat · 23/01/2023 16:14

My Ella is a teenager now we don't know any other Ella's and havnt really the whole way through her schooling maybe the odd one in a different year group. I don't think it's over popular to be honest go with it if you both like it

Tulipvase · 23/01/2023 16:19

My Ella is 17 and I know of one in a Reception class. I work in a school and certainly haven’t come across many.

Houselamp · 23/01/2023 16:21

I know two in their mid 20s and one who would be 7 or 8 now
Its a lovely name

ter19 · 23/01/2023 16:22

Ella itself is not as popular of a name, I've never actually run into any (I'm 25). It is more so the "elle-" sounding names that are super popular right now like Elodie, Eliana, etc, so "Ella" seems like it may be a common nickname. I think if you love it, go for it

MoserRothOrangeandAlmond · 23/01/2023 16:29

I have a daughter called Ella named after a family member who would be heading for nearly 100 now. I know of a couple of older girls called Ella but no one my child's age.
I love it

millymae · 23/01/2023 16:35

Ella is lovely and I would say not at all common now.
I’m very fond of Della, Cora and Eula but when I’ve mentioned Eula previously it hasn’t been at all popular. Also what’s not to love about Anna

Raindropsdrop · 23/01/2023 16:37

I love Ella! It's on my list.

I don't know any Ella's and none in my DS nursery

AnotherNameChangeYes · 23/01/2023 16:42

Not a fan of the name personally but yes there are lots of Ella’s at school, and they all blend in with Isla/Evie/Ava/Amelia type names that are really common. Plus they all have the same filler middle name of Ella Rose/Grace/May.

I work with children so hear all these names a lot!

User6761 · 23/01/2023 16:48

There's a 9 yo Ella in my family - she is the only one in her year group at school. I've never met any other Ella, and I don't think there are any in my child's large nursery. There are other names that might be shortened to El/Ellie (Elizabeth, Eleanor etc) but I think Ella is less likely to be shortened.

So if you love Ella don't be put off! Other suggestions for short, simple names -


KirstenBlest · 23/01/2023 17:10

I know several, including two in their 20s, when it seemed quite new.
The name might not appear to be that popular because they might be registered as Arabella, Gabriella, Helena, Eleanor, Isabella etc.
If you combine Ella with Ellie (Ellie or registered as Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, ...)
there are lots of them.

mathanxiety · 23/01/2023 17:24

The ones I know are all in their mid 20s now. It was huge two decades ago.

I used a similarly popular name for one of my DDs, just over two decades ago, a name that's still going strong in fact. I chose it because I think it's a great name. There are reasons why a name becomes popular, one of which is that it's lovely.

There was one other girl with the same name, different abbreviation, in her class in primary school, and a few more in high school. By the same token, I gave one of my other DDs a very unusual name and she also had one other schoolmate in primary school with the same name... You can't predict how these things go just based on name stats.

Julen7 · 23/01/2023 17:27

I have a 10 year old Ella and she is the only Ella in her year

17caterpillars1mouse · 23/01/2023 17:28

I don't know any Ella's who are still children. I know a few Ellie's though

parrotonthesofa · 23/01/2023 17:32

I love it. Got overly popular but not so much now.
Etta is nice too!

Fleur405 · 23/01/2023 17:34

I know two Ellas (12 and 1)
two Ellies 8 and 1
an Elle (about 7/8)
and an Eilidh (just started school)

BridieConvert · 23/01/2023 17:38

I think it depends where you are, it's definitely top 10 in Scotland! But it is still a lovely name, it's my daughters middle name ☺️ (after my granny)

Other E names:
Elsa (although frozen references might get tiring!)

Twoinapod · 23/01/2023 18:37

I’m not sure how popular Ella on its own is. I know one in their 30s and one 11 year old. There’s loads of Ellie’s though as it’s a nn for several names. It doesn’t matter though, my DD1 has a popular name and it’s never really been an issue

sexnotgenders · 23/01/2023 18:46

I'm in south London and know 6 Ella's under 5. It's still very popular round here

gerbo · 23/01/2023 18:46

I have an Ella, she's 15 now.

I'm a nursery teacher and in many many many years of teaching, I've never taught one! She's never had a friend called Ella either, or classmate.

I've taught lots of Evies, Evas, Ellies, Elodies, and Edies, but never Ella.

I still think it's beautiful. Simple, strong, elegant. Go for it if you like it.

KirstenBlest · 23/01/2023 18:48
It's #20 in England & Wales.

If you both love it, then use it.

Helpnoname · 23/01/2023 18:58

Thank you for all your replies and very surprised to see so many nice comments! We do love Ella and it is definitely our front runner ATM.

I grew up with a very common name and, whilst I didn’t really mind, was always know as name + initial at school (I also share my name with 4 other people in a team of 12 at work - it gets very confusing haha!)

Other names we like are:

Elle/ Elsie (although I think I still prefer Ella and not keen on Ellie)

What do you think about these? Stick with Ella?

OP posts:
Pinkdafodils · 23/01/2023 19:14

Most Ellas are probably aged 10-20 now. We know sooo many.

Personally I feel Ella is beginning to feel a little dated as it falls out of fashion.

DuchessOfSausage · 23/01/2023 19:53

Zoe is the nicest on your list

Twoinapod · 23/01/2023 19:55

I love Elsie, I’m not a fan of any of the others on your list.

Hellibore · 23/01/2023 19:57

I know a teenager, and a couple in their mid 40's. Great name!

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