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Baby names

How About?

45 replies

kayzr · 05/02/2008 18:59

What do people think of Riley? we're going to ttc number this year and I thought of Riley for a boy. What do people think?

OP posts:

Saturn74 · 05/02/2008 19:00

I like it.
Unless your surname is also Riley, in which you might like rethink!


LadyOfWaffle · 05/02/2008 19:00

Nice, makes me think of Neighbours though (I watch too much TV!).


HonoriaGlossop · 05/02/2008 19:04

Not keen. Don't think it's particularly attractive and I'm afraid depending on the area you live it might be seen as a chavvy name. It would be round here for instance.

sorry. But you did ask for opinions.

Have nosed on your profile and seen you have a Freddie already, which is a stylish, softer sort of name and Riley doesn't seem to go particularly well with that to any other choices in mind?

How about Archie? Goes with Freddie in that 'from another era' sort of way....Edward shortened to Eddie or Ed or Ned?


kayzr · 05/02/2008 19:07

Its ok Honoria. I did ask for opinions. I quite like Archie. I never would have thought of it myself I dont think.
LadyofWaffle I got it from Neighbours I heard it and thought I really like that

OP posts:

pelafina · 05/02/2008 19:08

Message withdrawn


NorthernLurker · 05/02/2008 19:09

Nooooo to Riley I'm afraid.
Archie is nice, and I like Jamie and Peter too - any good?


LaDiDaDi · 05/02/2008 19:09

I like it but I agree with HG that it might be seen as "chavvy". I'm not sure if I would let that put me off if I really liked the name though.

I love Archie!


RubyRioja · 05/02/2008 19:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayzr · 05/02/2008 19:13

I want something thats different but not really out there so everyone kinda stares at you when you say their name.

OP posts:

yama · 05/02/2008 19:14

I like it. Mind you, there is a girl in my dd's nursery called Riley and she really suits it.


Nappyzone · 05/02/2008 19:15

I like it - i also really liked Archie but was override in favour of Adam. I work in a childrens centre and we have a few boys called Jude which i also really like but have not come accross and Rileys so maybe he would be unique.


Kimi · 05/02/2008 19:19

I know a little girl called Riley and shes lovely. I think it is a great name but not met any male Riley's.
I do like Archie and Alfie, Ethan is a good name and Nathan.


janeite · 05/02/2008 19:20

Mmm I don't like it much either I'm sorry. And Archie is becoming very common amongst the "chattering classes" I think.

Do you want another name ending in an "Ee" sound?

Bailey? I've never met one but I'm strangely drawn to this name for some reason.

Ashley? I've taught some terrible Ashleys in my time but I still think it's a good, dependable sort of name.

Rodney? Sorry; that one was a joke.

Laurie? Love this.


kayzr · 05/02/2008 19:20

I had all this with ds we had about 10 names for him until settling with Freddie. dh is no help he suggested Marmaduke or Paddington

OP posts:

RubyRioja · 05/02/2008 19:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayzr · 05/02/2008 19:22

I love Bailey Im not sure if I want another "Ee" sound. I quite like Taylor too

OP posts:

pootleflump · 05/02/2008 19:27

I do like Riley but would also worry about it becoming chavvy. I have a friend with a Bailey who is 4 and I liked it when she named him but it's become quite a chavvy name imo.


janeite · 05/02/2008 19:31

Has it Pootle? I clearly don't mix with enough chavs!!!

Kayzr - if you don't necessarily want another "Ee" then the world really is your lobster.

My favourites are:


Adam is nice too.


barbamama · 05/02/2008 19:31

I really like riley for a boy and would have used it myself except my boys surname begins with an R and I have a slight lisp! I didn't realise it was in danger of becoming chavivied? I know in the US it is very WASP'y.


lottiejenkins · 05/02/2008 19:32

As i end up saying on all these name threads my sons name is Wilfred, it can be shortended to Wilf or Will or Fred/die.......................


flowerybeanbag · 05/02/2008 19:35

DS is Rowan, and everyone always comments on what a lovely name it is.


Wilkie · 05/02/2008 19:37

Riley - sorry, don't like, sounds a little chavvy (sorry sorry I don't want to offend)


denbury · 05/02/2008 19:37

no sorry not a fan but do like Archie. also like ben and james!!(guess what mine are called


Wilkie · 05/02/2008 19:38

Flowerybeanbag - I love that name although I like the scottish spelling Anglo-Saxon spelling Roan


kayzr · 05/02/2008 19:43

Flowerybeanbag I really like Rowan. Its so hard, I've got a huge book of names from when I was expecting ds but cant find it now

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