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kayzr · 05/02/2008 18:59

What do people think of Riley? we're going to ttc number this year and I thought of Riley for a boy. What do people think?

OP posts:
flowerybeanbag · 05/02/2008 19:45
mrsruffallo · 05/02/2008 19:53

I'm not sure about it-life of reilly and all that, but I really would go for it if you like it.
I don't really like names being labelled chavvy
tbh. My dd's name could be construed as chavvy but she is definitely not!

devonsmummy · 05/02/2008 20:06

sorry to say it's rather common round here.
don't dislike it though

ManxMum · 05/02/2008 20:10

I am really into Conrad. Don't know why, just like the sound of it.

scorpio1 · 05/02/2008 20:11

I have a Reilly, lots of people laways comment on how nice his name is. my parents PTSL though when i named him . i know no other Reilly's either, though i know its getting more and more common, is in top 60 of names now. My Reilly is nearly 6 and it was obscure then.

scorpio1 · 05/02/2008 20:12

oh and no-one has ever siad the life of Reilly to him, or me, to my knoewledge anyway. His middle name is Scott.

kayzr · 06/02/2008 08:00

Any ideas on how to get dh to tell me what names he likes? I said Riley to him and he just says "yeah"

OP posts:
3andnomore · 06/02/2008 09:54

oh names and dh's....I thik they shouldn't be allowed any imput, you know, lol...
Kayz, my dh was as helpful as yours, it seems he came out wiht names like Merlin and Orion...

For what it's worth, I have always liked the name Riley.

kayzr · 06/02/2008 10:01

It must be a dh thing. He is dreadful. His latest name is Lancelot

OP posts:
scorpio1 · 06/02/2008 10:02

mine liked lazurus

if he says yeah then Riley it is!

kayzr · 06/02/2008 10:12

Yeah It'll probably be Riley. I always come back to Riley when I think

OP posts:
3andnomore · 06/02/2008 16:41

Riley is a cool name....and for those saying chavvy,,,,all names seem to be chavvy somewhere anyway....who cares anyway...

lollipopmother · 07/02/2008 11:01

I have never heard of a chav being called Riley! They are all Scotts and Kevins and Waynes aren't they?

I like Riley, I've never heard of someone being called that before so maybe I'm out of the loop. I like Bailey too actually but Riley first.

I love the Paddington idea but someone will mention that you must have conceived in London Paddington train station for sure, haha, plus I suppose being named after a bear is a bit much!

Blocky · 07/02/2008 12:14

Lisa-Marie Presley daughter is called Riley. I think it's lovely (for a girl or boy)!

bundle · 07/02/2008 12:15

I knew an Emmet Riley at college but everyone called him Riley. kind of suited him.

kayzr · 07/02/2008 12:21

Lollipop I also really like Bailey.

OP posts:
FJLA · 12/02/2008 19:45

Freddie is lovely. It has that charming vintage feel to it. Riley is not a very attractive name in my opinion. I love the pp's sugg. of Archie. Or how about..

Freddie & George
Freddie & Albie (Albert)
Freddie & Ralph
Freddie & Stanley
Freddie & Louis
Freddie & Barnaby
Freddie & Oscar

moljam · 12/02/2008 19:50

FJLA-arent freddie and george in rainbow?

riley is quite nice.i like rowan.

FJLA · 12/02/2008 19:53

Is Rainbow still shown? I know a Freddie and George sibset and never made that connection. So are Jane and George not allowed either ;0)

moljam · 12/02/2008 19:55

maybe jane and george but im sure if theyre was a zippy theyd get made fun of!i love rainbow!

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