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Is Oliver.... boring??

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blueberry23 · 12/01/2023 21:11

It is literally the ONLY name that DH and I remotely agree on for DS2.

Neither of us love it.

We have an Alfred which we love love loved.

I feel like we are settling for Oliver as we have nothing else rather than because we love it which makes me sad.

I do like it... just don't love it 😫😫

OP posts:
RuthW · 13/01/2023 17:06


RuthW · 13/01/2023 17:07

Sorry wrong post - that was the last three babies I have heard of!

choochooandspook · 13/01/2023 17:15

I think oliver is lovely

RambamThankyouMam · 13/01/2023 18:51

Dreadful name. All I see is "liver". It's popularity is a mystery to me.

larry520 · 13/01/2023 19:35

I've taught for 12 years and never had an Oliver in my primary class, north of London. They must be concentrated somewhere, but I don't know where, only one in my extended friendship groups and that's in Wales.

Justaponder · 13/01/2023 20:13

Personally I adore it, but I think that name preferences often have a lot to do with association. I am very fond of a couple of Oliver's (one being my son!) so for me the name has a positive association. Lovely classic name that sounds nice out loud to my ears. I also like the nn Ollie. There might be a few Oliver's kicking about, but only one will be your Oliver!
Names are funny things though and you can't (and shouldn't) please everyone...
I love the name Felix, but I know that for a lot of people they immediately think 'cat', lol.
Ultimately you need to please yourself, so if Oliver isn't sitting quite right I would suggest you keep searching. Congratulations and good luck finding a name x

Justaponder · 13/01/2023 20:20

To add - if I was the only person choosing my children's names, neither of them would be called what they are! However, both of us liking a name was far more important than just one of us loving a name and the other being unsure. I hope that makes sense x

Billslills · 28/01/2023 09:32

I think Alfred and Oliver go together nicely but if neither of you love it then it isn't the right name. How about...

Alfred and Rudy
Alfred and Otto
Alfred and Ralph
Alfred and Leonard (Lenny)

Blendandmix · 28/01/2023 09:35

Alfred and Oliver are lovely together but I really don't like Oliver on its own

CharitySchmarity · 30/01/2023 23:04

Although Oliver has been very fashionable for a long time, I still like it and don't find it boring. I guess I'm old enough to remember a time when it was quite rare. I think Ollie is a very friendly sounding name for a young boy and Oliver sounds quite dignified for an adult.

I think it I was looking for a boy's name to go with Alfred I might consider Edmund, which I like anyway, but I also like the fact that both names have Saxon roots, so they kind of "go together" in that way without sounding too alike.

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