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Is Oliver.... boring??

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blueberry23 · 12/01/2023 21:11

It is literally the ONLY name that DH and I remotely agree on for DS2.

Neither of us love it.

We have an Alfred which we love love loved.

I feel like we are settling for Oliver as we have nothing else rather than because we love it which makes me sad.

I do like it... just don't love it 😫😫

OP posts:
Sleepyquest · 12/01/2023 21:11

Sorry but yes

KangarooKenny · 12/01/2023 21:12

I like it.

MissingMoominMamma · 12/01/2023 21:13

It’s quite a common name now. Alfred is more unusual.

Haus1234 · 12/01/2023 21:13

It’s very popular, which is for a reason (it’s classic! Oli / olly is a nice nickname!).

However, you might be able to find one you do love? What’s top of your list / your DHs list?

Keha · 12/01/2023 21:15

Maybe a bit boring but boring also is solid, classic etc. Despite it apparently being really popular I don't know many at all. What else is on the list?

MolesOnPoles · 12/01/2023 21:18

It’s fine. No one is going to dislike it.

But honestly, I’m sure you can do better! If you’re after classics - George, William, James all seem less common to me (not checked the stats).

CastleTower · 12/01/2023 21:19

It's nice. I don't actually know any small children or babies called Oliver (plenty in their 20s and 30s).

I wouldn't let popularity put me off a name tbh.

nappiesandcontracts · 12/01/2023 21:19

So boring. But it'a horses for courses. You'd probably hate my DC names!

watchfulwishes · 12/01/2023 21:20

It is a nice name. It is very, very popular.

AllyCatTown · 12/01/2023 21:20

I’ve not met many Olivers so not boring to me though it’s one of those names which is much more popular in England compared to Scotland.

I quite like it. I wouldn’t say it’s boring but it’s not out there and exciting either.

BuffaloCauliflower · 12/01/2023 21:20

Its a lovely name. Also apparently extremely common but I don’t know any younger than 30.

LaLaLouella · 12/01/2023 21:20

It's a nice, dependable name but extremely popular (if that's something that will bother you...)

TwigTheWonderKid · 12/01/2023 21:21

It's bland, yes

Agree George is much better. Or what about something like Magnus?

watchfulwishes · 12/01/2023 21:22

Oliver has been top ten for ages.

loupielou1 · 12/01/2023 21:22

I wouldn't say it's boring as you can provide a nickname eg Ollie. And anyway... why wonder what others may think of the name- if you and partner like the name- then that's all the matters Smile congratulations btw Flowers

Pocketfullofdogtreats · 12/01/2023 21:22

Yes, it's boring. I know a young teen Oliver. Keep looking!

AllThingsServeTheBeam · 12/01/2023 21:23

Meh. It's apparently dead common. But my Oliver is only 1 of 2 in an entire primary school

watchfulwishes · 12/01/2023 21:23

There is no such thing as a boring name anyway, but the number in a class would put me off.

leccybill · 12/01/2023 21:24

I teach a million teen Olivers but perhaps it's had its peak now.

Rauha · 12/01/2023 21:24

I like it

PollyPrissypants · 12/01/2023 21:24

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Dinneronmybfpillow · 12/01/2023 21:25

Don't settle OP! I did with mine and I still have days where I feel so sad because I don't actually love their names (I adore my eldest's, but the DTs are 'meh'). Keep going until you find something you actually love.


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Bs0u416d · 12/01/2023 21:26

I love the name Oliver. My dog is named Oliver 🤣

HangoverSquare · 12/01/2023 21:27

I think you should keep trucking until you find a name you really love. It's out there!

Demonto · 12/01/2023 21:28

Ours would've been Oliver and Cameron if they were boys. Olly and Cam.

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