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Louiseem · 28/12/2022 07:46

Jesse for a boy? I love it but finding myself over thinking names this time around so much! Worried people may mistake for a girls name?

OP posts:
Worriedmum40284 · 28/12/2022 07:47

I really like it - it was on my boys list!

KangarooKenny · 28/12/2022 07:49

I would be more worried about him being called a ‘big Jessie’ than getting mistaken for a girl.

Sugarfree23 · 28/12/2022 07:49

I wouldn't I opened it thinking girls name.

Big Jessie is also used as an insult in certain parts of Scotland.

bunpot · 28/12/2022 07:50

Love it. Similarly my friend had a boyfriend called Jess and it suited him so well, really strong and unique.

CocoLux · 28/12/2022 07:51

Love it.

Highflow · 28/12/2022 07:52

I know Jesse to be a boys name, I really like it

Kalasbyxor · 28/12/2022 07:55

Jesse is definitely a male name, c'mon PP. There are scores of well-known Jesses.
I think it sounds rugged and masculine.
I really like it, it was on our list (had a DD instead).

DeePlume · 28/12/2022 08:03

I know several male Jesse's.

Mayhemmumma · 28/12/2022 08:39

Great boys name

tweedlee · 28/12/2022 08:39

I love it, was on my list for boys.

Louiseem · 28/12/2022 08:59

Sugarfree23 · 28/12/2022 07:49

I wouldn't I opened it thinking girls name.

Big Jessie is also used as an insult in certain parts of Scotland.

Yeh I'm aware of the "big Jessie" insult.. but I would say this is quite an old fashioned insult? Not sure it's relevant these days?

OP posts:
MassiveSalad22 · 28/12/2022 09:00

I know a baby Jesse and a 12 year old Jesse. I like it!

kenadams86 · 28/12/2022 09:02

Love it

LaLuz7 · 28/12/2022 09:08

Hate it. Sounds obnoxious.

Wonnle · 28/12/2022 09:13

As in "Great Big" ? mmmmm

BaublesandBangles · 28/12/2022 09:23

I know several boy Jesse's. No one is so much of a dick as to call them a 'Big Jessie' because it's a perfectly normal boys name around here.

Purplemagnolias · 28/12/2022 09:43

I only know girls called Jessie or Jess.

It's often short for Jessica

Purplemagnolias · 28/12/2022 09:43

What's a Big Jessie?

Matilda1981 · 28/12/2022 09:43

Love it - a friends son is called Jesse!

Bluelightbaby · 28/12/2022 09:45

Love it, it’s on my list but my DP hates it !

SirChenjins · 28/12/2022 09:47

It’s still an insult unfortunately - although every time threads about this name come up some posters will insist it isn’t. It’s like calling your child Ned here - it’s still an insult that you don’t inflict it on your precious poppet. Jesse is about as far from a rugged and masculine name as you could get.

Purplemagnolias · 28/12/2022 10:00

It sounds so feminine, probably because it's a nickname for Jessica?

JenniferVeronique · 28/12/2022 10:13

Jesse Is completely fine for a boy. Where I live Its In the top 100 of most popular boy names.

NewToWoo · 28/12/2022 10:14

I love it. Makes me think of Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, but only in a good way! Grin

lifeinthehills · 28/12/2022 10:15

Jesse is biblical. It's a great male name. Jessie is the girl version. It was on my list but I had a girl.

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