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Baby names

Boys' names - can anyone help please?

79 replies

ThreeBluecubs · 01/02/2008 12:59

Could you please tell me what you think of the following names:

Are any of them too common (chavy?) and what sort of little boy do they make you think of?

Benedict/Ben/Ne d

Thank you

OP posts:

belgo · 01/02/2008 13:00

they are all fine apart from these which I don't like so much:


I particularly like Tobias and Joseph.


Pollyanna · 01/02/2008 13:02

I don't think any of them are too chavvy. There are a few in there that are too popular for my taste (Joe, Charlie, William, James, Oliver, Josh).

I think we are going for Ned as our boy's name - although Scottish people on here will tell you that it means chav in scotland.


theboob · 01/02/2008 13:03

my ds2 is called Joseph John and i love it,people sometimes call him jj for short it really suits him and also love Joshua


Witheringheights · 01/02/2008 13:05

I particuarly like


not too popular IMO.

have you considered Gregory?

I love that at the moment.


jojosmaman · 01/02/2008 13:22

Lots of lovely names there, esp Joe (my ds is a Joseph)! Not keen on Toby (but only because i know 2 dogs called Toby) and Monty reminds me of uncle monty in Withnail and I but all of the others are great.. its really hard for boys names!!


nailpolish · 01/02/2008 13:30

i like william

its very underused IMO


nailpolish · 01/02/2008 13:31

"ned" is what we call chavs here in scotland
we dont use the word chav at all


nailpolish · 01/02/2008 13:31

its abbreviation for
Non Educated Delinquent


motherhurdicure · 01/02/2008 13:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Rantmum · 01/02/2008 13:38

We had a dog called Monty when I was a child, a very nice dog, but the name would be out for me on that basis I am afraid. And also, without wishing to insult any Monty's out there, it is a teensy, weensy bit poncy imo - as is Rufus (which also sounds like a dog's name to me - i am getting myself into deeper and deeper water here, so perhaps I should stop).

I like the other names on your list quite alot though.


scorpio1 · 01/02/2008 13:39

i like Toby/Tobias or even Tobin.
Oliver ok.


I like James, we have a Jamie


branflake81 · 01/02/2008 15:43

Gabriel - No, don't like
Joseph/Jo - Yes, is nice
Charles/Charlie - OK
James - nice
Oliver - alright
Tobias/Toby - No
Bejamin/Ben - No
Benedict/Ben/Ne d - Not Ned
William/Will - yes, nice
Joshua/Josh - but common
Josiah - No
Rufus - NO!
Montgomery/Monty - NO!!

the last 2 are just far too poncy, more-organic-than-thou type names


LaDiDaDi · 01/02/2008 15:48

I think they are all fine.

I like Gabriel and Josiah the least and I prefer Benedict to Benjamin.

It all depends upon how much popularity bothers you and also how well it will flow with any middle names and surname. I think that Benedict, Rufus and Montgomery are the least popular where I live.


igglepiggles · 01/02/2008 15:49

i like them all but have you thought of allister Ally for short??


igglepiggles · 01/02/2008 15:50

sorry i mean allistair lol


MrsPuddleduck · 01/02/2008 15:53

I have a William and and Oliver so I am biased.

However Will is a very cool name and Ollie is a cute baby name imo.


pointydog · 01/02/2008 15:58

My personal opinion. Best men's names: Joe, James, Ben, William


LadyVictorianSqualor · 01/02/2008 16:06

I love the name Oliver, if DP's brother wasn't caled Oli I would have it for this baby, I also like Toby. Ben and Charlie I like but they are two we cant have because family have dogs with that name) and I think Will is gorgeous, not keen on William though.

I don't like Joshua, way too common, Rufus/Monty/Josiah and Gabriel are too poncey for me


137wallis · 01/02/2008 16:07

I have a toby and a charlie, so their my faves but the rest are lovely too, we also have a Jonah and connor and Bailey, boys names are so hard


lennygrrl · 01/02/2008 16:09

Message withdrawn


LadyVictorianSqualor · 01/02/2008 16:12

Another boys name I like that is of a similar vein to your list is Jacob, not Jake, Jacob.

FWIW, we are having Alexander if this one is a boy.


pointydog · 01/02/2008 17:35

sha-sha-Chaka kahn


shabster · 01/02/2008 17:41

I love William. My DS is called Thomas William - he always gets called Tom or Tommy. Will is even better. Love strong old fashioned names. I've had a Daniel, Gareth, Matthew and Thomas


3madboys · 01/02/2008 17:46

Rufus is a name on our list for the bump which is due in 4 wks

our other boys are called Theodore David William, Oscar Reuben and Dylan Lucas.

i like most of the names on your list, but i know a dog called toby so wouldnt use it.

Josiah and Oliver are nice names, p[rob my faves off your list, oh and Gabriel


janeite · 01/02/2008 17:46

Okay - here's my two pence worth:

Gabriel - gorgeous name for a little boy with long blonde curls.

Joseph - perfectly inoffensive but very common (as in lots of them around)

Charles - I don't like it sorry

Oliver - lovely name - am thinking sensitive little boy with an old bear dragged around by the ear

Toby - lovely too but I don't like Tobias

Ben/Benadict etc - all lovely, solid old fashioned names

I don't like William (just because I HAVE to sing The Smiths when I hear it and then risk offending parents!) and I don't like Joshua - very common

Rufus is sweet but probably a bridge too far unless you are very posh or have a camper van (sorry but this is just my images, so feel free to ignore)

Monty - can't get past the gardener, although i do like it.

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