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Mercy’s middle name

57 replies

Spookypig · 19/11/2022 18:46

One of my favourite names, firmly on the list of potential names (I know it’s not popular on MN but we love it for personal reasons).

We have a few middle name ideas but wanted some ideas about what middle names you think sound beautiful with Mercy?

Thank you!

OP posts:
Theoldwoman · 23/11/2022 12:53

I love Mercy Kate.


Mercy Rhiannon
Mercy Estella
Mercy Olivia
Mercy Francesca
Mercy Frances
Mercy Lillian
Mercy Genevieve
Mercy Harriet
Mercy Isobel
Mercy Desiree
Mercy Caroline
Mercy Theresa
Mercy Juliet
Mercy Annabel
Mercy Nicolette
Mercy Antoinette
Mercy Lauretta
Mercy Victoria

CaptBuckyOHare · 23/11/2022 18:17

Mercy Evangeline
Mercy Philomena
Mercy Sabina
Mercy Cressida
Mercy Eloise
Mercy Aurelia
Mercy Faye
Mercy Talitha
Mercy Adina
Mercy Damaris
Mercy Salome
Mercy Susannah
Mercy Roxana
Mercy Bernadette

CaptBuckyOHare · 23/11/2022 18:43

Mercy Alexandria
Mercy Anastasia
Mercy Adriana
Mercy Natalia
Mercy Octavia
Mercy Isabella
Mercy Blythe
Mercy Joyce
Mercy June
Mercy Pearle
Mercy Rose

Rushingfool · 23/11/2022 18:51

I always thought Mercy was short for Mercedes?

Mercy1968 · 23/11/2022 20:57

Mercy Kim
Mercy Anne
Mercy Louisa
It's a great name.

Firebird83 · 23/11/2022 22:54

Mercy Florence
Mercy Genevieve
Mercy Isabel
Mercy Louisa
Mercy Philippa
Mercy Violet
Mercy Rebecca
Mercy Jemima
Mercy Evelyn
Mercy Olivia
Mercy Rosanna
Mercy Jane

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 23/11/2022 22:55


It is a lovely name, though.

PurpleButterflyWings · 23/11/2022 23:00

You're on a roll tonight @WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll 😂

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 23/11/2022 23:07

Why, thank you, PurpleButterflyWings Blush

My nickname at school was Cheese 'n' Onion, mind....!

GlassDeli · 23/11/2022 23:08

Mercy Hannah
Mercy Freya
Mercy Louisa
Mercy Georgina
Mercy Olivia
Mercy Juno
Mercy Caroline
Mercy Isabella
Mercy Erin
Mercy Rowena
Mercy Coralie
Mercy Charlotte
Mercy Jasmine
Mercy Natalia
Mercy Adeline
Mercy Victoria
Mercy Rebecca

Fivebeanchilli · 23/11/2022 23:10

I'm not a big fan of virtue names. But I think these sound good:
Mercy Catherine
Mercy Elizabeth
Mercy Harriet
Mercy Eleanor
Mercy Susannah
Mercy Rebecca
Mercy Henrietta
Mercy Francesca
Fwiw I think you need quite a traditional middle name.

Orders76 · 23/11/2022 23:24

Mercy Mae
Mercy Lou
Mercy Jane

VenusClapTrap · 25/11/2022 17:16

Mercy Marjolaine

AceofPentacles · 25/11/2022 17:29

LOVE Mercy and DS would have this name if a girl. DS's name is universally hated by MN too, but you only have to look at the Style & Beauty section to see most MN have no taste Wink

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 25/11/2022 17:33

LOVE Mercy and DS would have this name if a girl. DS's name is universally hated by MN too, but you only have to look at the Style & Beauty section to see most MN have no taste

Is it Percy? Grin

Cleopatra67 · 25/11/2022 17:35

underneaththeash · 19/11/2022 19:00

Could you make it her middle name instead? I'm not sure nouns are ever good names especially when they are associated with a particular behavioural characteristic.
If not, it needs to be something short - Ann, May, Rae.

Hope, Patience, Charity - lots of virtue names are popular. I think Mercy is great.

TheSausageKingofChicago · 25/11/2022 17:37

Mercy Marie

SheWoreARaspberryBeret123 · 25/11/2022 17:39

Mercy is really cute!

How about:

Mercy Camille
Mercy Delphine
Mercy Ave
Mercy Goldie
Mercy Poppy
Mercy June
Mercy Alana
Mercy Paloma
Mercy Ophelia
Mercy Ella
Mercy Elizabeth
Mercy Florence
Mercy Eloise

SheWoreARaspberryBeret123 · 25/11/2022 17:41

Orders76 · 23/11/2022 23:24

Mercy Mae
Mercy Lou
Mercy Jane


ivykaty44 · 25/11/2022 17:43

Mercy Jane

it's two very different names that compliment each other

SheWoreARaspberryBeret123 · 25/11/2022 17:46

Or thinking Christmasy...

Mercy Amaryllis
Mercy Ivy
Mercy Holly
Mercy Hellebore
Mercy Anya
Mercy Belle
Mercy Clara
Mercy Eira
Mercy Eve
Mercy Jemima
Mercy Jovie
Mercy Olive
Mercy Noelle
Mercy Seren

Spookypig · 25/11/2022 18:14

Thank you so much for the ideas! The final list (we think) is:

Mercy Jemima (just love Jemima and was also on our list)
Mercy Victoria (DH’s mum isn’t English and has a very dated name in their own culture, but the meaning is the same as Victoria, and she loves the name Victoria and said we should name a future baby Victoria after her! She was joking but she’d be really happy if we actually used this, and I do think it’s lovely!)
Mercy Kate (My beloved granny’s middle name which my grandpa used to call her. I didn’t even think of using this until I saw the comments suggesting Kate and thought it a) sounded lovely and b) would be lovely for my granny and my dad, who would understand the significance)
Mercy Anneliese (Anneliese is DH’s all time favourite name)

What do you prefer from this list?

Also, if we used Kate it would be nice to also use Victoria and vice versa, so we could have a name from both sides of the family. Do you think Mercy Kate Victoria would be better if we decided to do this? Or Mercy Victoria Kate? Or is it too much with both names?

OP posts:
Spookypig · 25/11/2022 18:15

Also love the sound of Mercy Florence and Mercy Juliet. Any thoughts about these?

OP posts:
ohmyohmy123 · 25/11/2022 18:18

Love the name Florence with it.

Go with what you love.

mathanxiety · 25/11/2022 19:53

Mercy Victoria Anneliese sounds lovely imo.

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