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Baby names

Made up names?

37 replies

Iamnotsureaboutthisone · 29/01/2008 08:26

After lurking on the current baby name threads, I was reminded of this this morning. DH met a colleague last week who was talking about his baby daughter.

Colleague is called Richard
His wife is called Michelle

Their new baby - Richelle

It is made up isn't it?

OP posts:

Tortington · 29/01/2008 08:27

how awfully american


yummylittlelapin · 29/01/2008 08:27


But then all names are made up at some point!


FillyjonkisCALM · 29/01/2008 08:29

I don't think that the problem is that it is made up

I think the problem is that is sounds like a worthy yet boring biscuit in the rich tea / malted milk tradition.


yummylittlelapin · 29/01/2008 08:29

Quite popular in the States Custy!


FillyjonkisCALM · 29/01/2008 08:30

oh ar$e there are actual baby Richelles then

apologies to all MummyToRichelles lurking


MrsDandOllie · 29/01/2008 08:32

DH has a colleague that gave his son the middle name 'danger', just so he can say when he is older 'danger is my middle name'


yummylittlelapin · 29/01/2008 08:34

LOL FillyJonk

MrsD, sorry but that's HILARIOUS if we ever have another son I am definitely doing that!!!


yetanothername · 29/01/2008 09:33

I knew someone who was called Marby after her cousins Mark and Bobby.


sparkybabe · 29/01/2008 09:36

better than Bork i suppose


nailpolish · 29/01/2008 09:38

i tell dd1 her middle name is wee pest and dd2 her middle name is wee rogue

they now believe this as fact

lol at danger


Blandmum · 29/01/2008 09:40

PMSL at 'Danger is my middle name'



mybabysinthegarden · 29/01/2008 09:44

I knew a little girl called Jaminda after her parents James and Linda. Love 'Danger' Mrs D; I can think of a few more: Trouble, Mischief, Disaster...


MamaG · 29/01/2008 10:21

ROFL at richelle


bundle · 29/01/2008 10:24

barf @ jaminda


hertsnessex · 29/01/2008 10:26

what a strange name. loving the 'danger' thing though -- thatis hilarious!


Fimbo · 29/01/2008 10:26

Ooh that's like the name of a house on my street - Richenda. Which I take to be Richard and Brenda mixed.


hanaflower · 29/01/2008 10:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pelafina · 29/01/2008 10:35

Message withdrawn


UnquietDad · 29/01/2008 10:37

And once again

it's time for this

Set yourself aside a lot of laughing time.


niceglasses · 29/01/2008 10:38

I know a couple whose mother (on her side) suggested Kevahanna/Kevanna for their dd name. Seriously. Their two names merged. They didn't go for it thank God.


hana · 29/01/2008 10:38

I know a real life Richenda

there was a tv show on last night and presenter's son was called 'Bear'


MotherFunker · 29/01/2008 10:39

Richelle. God, it sounds like a 'feminine hygeine' product. 'Ladies, do you suffer from embarassing itching? No need to suffer any longer! Just one application of Richelle will banish STDS feminine itching forever!'


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 29/01/2008 10:55

@ motherfunk & 'danger' as a middle name.

A friend has given me a pile of baby name books as we're having DC4 soon and are struggling. I did note that Will Smith & his wife Jada have named their children Willow and Jaden. Mmm, cosy...


3andnomore · 29/01/2008 15:32

oh, lol, at the danger is my middlename thing...

and sparky, lol at the Bork suggestion...not sure it is much better then Marby, of course, lol...

Richelle...well, it's not that offensive really...almost like Rachel...


Jood · 29/01/2008 15:43

I know someone whose first son's middle names is Jake (bear with me)... the second son's middle name is...


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