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Made up names?

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Iamnotsureaboutthisone · 29/01/2008 08:26

After lurking on the current baby name threads, I was reminded of this this morning. DH met a colleague last week who was talking about his baby daughter.

Colleague is called Richard
His wife is called Michelle

Their new baby - Richelle

It is made up isn't it?

OP posts:
broguemum · 29/01/2008 16:30

Um... My dad convinced his little brother that his middle name was Lino not Leo. Apparently dear uncle's school books / reports etc all ended up with Lino as his middle name...

yetanothername · 29/01/2008 16:35

All this combining parent names has convinced me... I'm definitely calling the next child Lick now.

chrissnow · 29/01/2008 16:38

based on parent name combining - our next one would be called Melon or Hat!

Tommy · 29/01/2008 16:43

I knew of a couple who did this and their daughter was called Jowayne

divamummy2 · 29/01/2008 16:48

i think crazy baby names getting trend
not surprised at marby and richelle, as there are some jaw dropping ones on that american website

yetanothername · 29/01/2008 17:02

Marby was an American.

My American MiL has a man's name with an "a" added onto the end.

Mumblesmummy · 29/01/2008 18:28

sparky- bork cracked me up.

When i was little, the girl next door was called Rochelle... so maybe that's where they got that hideous combination??

Hulababy · 29/01/2008 19:33

Richelle seems like a well known name in the US then.

Hulababy · 29/01/2008 19:34

I went to school with a Rochelle actually, which no one saw as being unusual.

Jojay · 29/01/2008 19:36

Richenda is a proper name. Female version of Richard

MrsJohnCusack · 29/01/2008 19:38

my relative here has a sone with the middle name 'Danger'

His first name is 'Zane'

kindersurprise · 29/01/2008 19:39

ROFL at Danger

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