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Alistair or Alexander

31 replies

Nosleepforthismum · 18/10/2022 05:42

Stuck on boy names for baby no 2. Really like both but Alexander is relatively common round here and I know a couple of idiots with that name that is putting me off slightly. Worrying though that Alistair is a bit … posh I guess? Nothing wrong with that but it depends what he wants to do as a job, he might fit in better as a plumber, for example, as an Alex rather than an Alistair but I’m maybe overthinking it. Pros for Alistair - I like that it’s classic but underused and it goes beautifully with our last name. Any thoughts on either name please?

OP posts:
Mouthfulofquiz · 18/10/2022 05:46

I know a little Alastair, not posh, uses the nickname Ali or Al so it does fit the bill for versatility.

Flashinggreen · 18/10/2022 05:48

I have a 14 YO Alistair and love it. Realised how much it sounds like Alice recently which is also a name I love. We call him Al for short.

elf81 · 18/10/2022 05:50

I also have an Alistair. Generally goes by Ali. He’s 9 now and is wanting to be a electrician when he grows up.

ImperioMarch · 18/10/2022 06:24

Alasdair (the proper Gaelic spelling).

It was my first choice for DS but DH vetoed. Alexander is a top 10 name where I am so very popular, Alasdair, much less so.

ponderingpaula · 18/10/2022 06:29

I love Alastair but you will constantly be correcting whichever spelling you choose (Alistair/ Alastair / etc)

AnnapurnaSanctuary · 18/10/2022 06:31

I love both these names, and especially Alistair! I know two, and one isn't posh at all.

Autumnleavesandhotchocolate · 18/10/2022 06:40

I know an Alistair. Goes by Al. Is not at all posh. I love it because it is unusual but classic and is always the only one in the group.

Philosophia8 · 18/10/2022 06:42


LightHousePanda · 18/10/2022 08:37

I think both are good choices but then I considered both and chose one. My first choice was actually Alexander but my partner didn't want to use it so we did go with Alistair - but not that spelling. That's the downside to that name as there are different spellings. It doesn't have to be a big deal but at least with Alexander there really is just one spelling.

I don't see Alistair as posh but then I'm Scottish so maybe it's more common here. I think though even if it is seen as posh where you are it's surely just mildly posh and not in league with names like Gideon.

emmathedilemma · 18/10/2022 09:01

I love Alistair and don't see as posh at all (but I'm also in Scotland where it's more common).

DeeDeeDaisy · 18/10/2022 09:42

No one would care what he was called if he wanted to be a plumber, you are overthinking! Alistair can be shortened to Al or Ali.
Both great names, I do prefer Alexander though

StrychnineInTheSandwiches · 18/10/2022 10:35

I know about four Scottish Alistairs, all middle class-ish, none posh. The only annoying thing about that name is that there are so many spelling variations. It will be misspelt a lot.

I prefer Alex/ander though.

Spanielsarepainless · 18/10/2022 10:57

I prefer Alistair.

BlueChampagne · 18/10/2022 11:28

I like both, and I believe that Alasdair is the Gaelic for Alexander.

Lilacsunflowers · 18/10/2022 12:55

Alister definitely

Alex(ander) is soo overused for both boys and girls.

Flashinggreen · 18/10/2022 13:38

Yes I didn’t realise how many spelling variations there are. He learnt to spell it from a young age…

babyjellyfish · 18/10/2022 14:26

I prefer Alexander but they are both lovely names.

Luredbyapomegranate · 18/10/2022 18:26

I’d go for Alistair - great name. Never thought of it as posh.

DramaAlpaca · 19/10/2022 00:48

I love Alistair and all its variant spellings. I much prefer it to Alexander.

scottishnames · 19/10/2022 17:48

I'm sure you know this, but just in case not: they are the same name.

As others have already said, Alasdair is the correct Gaelic spelling. And Alasdair is the Gaelic version of Alexander.

S25 · 19/10/2022 18:18

Both are lovely and very classic.

I prefer Alexander for the options of nn for your ds as he grows:


Yika · 19/10/2022 20:29

Love Alistair, and I don’t find it posh. I like it spelt this way.

Alexander is nice but a bit run-of-the-mill.

pitterypattery00 · 19/10/2022 21:16

Love both. Prefer Alasdair spelling to Alastair, but if you're in England then people will be more familiar with Alastair I guess.

Has no 'class' associations at all for me - a lovely, well known boys name in Scotland.

Ellmau · 20/10/2022 00:25

I prefer Alexander.

Torvean · 20/10/2022 00:37

Alistair but I'm Scottish

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