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Both want Grandads name as middle name

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Purpletopaz42 · 16/09/2022 21:22

My husband and I are very close to our Grandads and we'd both long decided if we had a boy, we'd use their name as the middle name, William and George. We can't agree on which Grandads name to use, so as a compromise we thought about using both but I don't know if two middle names are too pretentious or long winded?

We like Arthur or Edward, so it would be either:

Arthur George William
Arthur William George
Edward George William
Edward William George?

The other option is to use one as the first name and one as middle name, so either:

George William
William George

But firstly how do we decide who's Grandad to put first and secondly, we visit our Grandads quite often so if we did use one as a first name, would that get too confusing?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you

OP posts:
properdoughnut · 21/09/2022 12:06

Have both as middle names

waytoocynicalforonesoyoung · 21/09/2022 12:14

CaptainBarbosa · 16/09/2022 21:44

I vote either

Arthur William George
Edward William George.

I'm not a fan for some reason of George William. It doesn't flow for me in my accent, but that's just me 😂

Absolutely agree! Though to be fair I'd scrap all the royal sounding names...

SageRosemary · 21/09/2022 12:16

Two middle names is fine and a lovely way to honour both grandfathers.

However, is there any scope for choosing a different first name, you have two past kings for a first name and two future kings for middle names?

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