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Is this name useable?

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dahlianoir · 03/09/2022 19:48

The name Zelda...

I like that's it's spunky and easy to spell.

What do you think?

OP posts:
JanglyBeads · 03/09/2022 19:54

Popular amongst gamers - Legend of Zelda, Google it

Alfixnm · 03/09/2022 19:58

Definitely useable, universally easy to spell and pronounce, does make me think of the game but I don't think that's a problem really?

Whataretheodds · 03/09/2022 20:12

Yes totally

CatSeany · 03/09/2022 20:19

My Nan's sister was called Zelda I think!

steakzilla · 03/09/2022 20:20

I think of one of the aunt's from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I don't hate it but there are better names

Stichintime · 03/09/2022 20:20

Went to school with one, nothing wrong with it.

NuffSaidSam · 03/09/2022 20:21

It's very Sabrina the teenage witch to me. Feels like a joke name.

rattlemehearties · 03/09/2022 20:23

It's still well known as a video game (Nintendo). Robin Williams daughter (in her 30s) is called Zelda too. Nice as long as you don't mind the computer game connection, it's a pleasant game so not a reason not to use it

LilacPoppy · 03/09/2022 20:24


Snugglemonkey · 03/09/2022 20:24

When I was at school, our dinner lady was called Zelda.

Rhaenys · 03/09/2022 20:27

I really like it. I think very few names a genuinely unusable.

MrsMop1964 · 03/09/2022 20:32

reminds me of Terrahawks.. Kids now wouldn't ever have heard of it though

Is this name useable?
Ship · 03/09/2022 20:34

I also think of aunt Zelda from Sabrina. I don’t love it but it’s definitely usable

coldcaff · 03/09/2022 20:35

Yes! I like it. Different without being too different.

Whowhatwherewhenwhynow · 03/09/2022 20:35

I just think “legend of…” too

MissHavishamsMouldyOldCake · 03/09/2022 20:38

F Scott Fitzgerald's wife. Glamorous yet ultimately very sad life.

And the computer game.

(And randomly I know that Robin Williams' daughter is called Zelda)

But yeah, still a useable name I think.

Dreamingcats · 03/09/2022 21:34

I love it. I think 1920s glamour.

Luredbyapomegranate · 03/09/2022 21:34

Quite like it - it’s sparky.

It was F Scott Fitzgerald’s wife’s name, so it’s very roaring 20s

Biscuitandacuppa · 03/09/2022 22:27

I know a Zelda who is 8, her parents are big Legend of Zelda fans. It’s a nice name.

CastleTower · 04/09/2022 05:41

Yep I know a baby Zelda.

Snowiscold · 04/09/2022 06:25

Very useable. I think F Scott Fitzgerald.

Andromachehadabadday · 04/09/2022 06:27

I know quite a few Zeldas. Ranging from late 30s down to a baby. Very useable.

husbandcallsmepickle · 04/09/2022 06:45

I know a Zelda (age 2!)

Mol1628 · 04/09/2022 06:47

I like it! I’m not sure I’d want to be an adult called Zelda though.

custardbear · 04/09/2022 07:16

Wasn't one of Robin Williams children called Zelda? It's different but nice and definitely useable

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