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Callie or Cora

37 replies

Mummytobe333 · 26/08/2022 18:32

Looking for opinions what you prefer please 😊

OP posts:
Magnificentbeast · 26/08/2022 18:37


ginaDM · 26/08/2022 18:37

Love both but leaning towards Cora

MaggieFS · 26/08/2022 18:38

Callie. Hands down.

Grumpycatsmum · 26/08/2022 18:39


TheGirlOnTheLanding · 26/08/2022 18:39

I like both (probably not helpful, sorry!) But if Callie feels too nicknamey and if you want a longer name, I prefer Callista to Calliope or Caroline.

Fivebeanchilli · 26/08/2022 18:47

I prefer Callie if it's short for Camilla or Calista because I love both those names.
I prefer Cora to Callie as a stand alone name though.

Luredbyapomegranate · 26/08/2022 18:49

Caroline nn Callie (or Calista) - it’s too nicknamey for a full name

MrsBungle · 26/08/2022 18:50

I really like both. Calista no Callie is very nice.

EkinWho · 26/08/2022 19:00

I prefer Cora but Callie is a bit less samey than lots of popular names at the moment. Both lovely though.

ThisisCollie2022 · 26/08/2022 19:06

Cora is nice

I think callie is the name of a character in Paw Patrol as the Callie in DS's class and is teased relentlessly by older children about it :(

SirSamVimesCityWatch · 26/08/2022 19:12

Cora, definitely. Very classy and elegant.

MagnoliatheMagnificent · 26/08/2022 19:14

I prefer Cora but it's one of those people would be unsure how to spell - although Callie is the same! I know a Calleigh.

WishDragon · 26/08/2022 20:43


KirstenBlest · 26/08/2022 21:28

Callie if short for Caroline or Calista.
Cora is OK

Calleigh? Oh dear, no,

megosaurusrex · 26/08/2022 21:29


Moby715 · 26/08/2022 21:32

I love both. Sorry. Not at all helpful.

BobbysGirly · 26/08/2022 21:33

Callie. Though I prefer Cali

KirstenBlest · 26/08/2022 21:38

Cali is short for California

Marotte · 26/08/2022 21:41

I'm afraid I don't like either. Callie, marginally better, IMO. Which sounds better with your last name, their sibling(s) if any?

CandyLeBonBon · 26/08/2022 21:44

Callie. Cora reminds me of 'flowers in the attic'.

RuthW · 26/08/2022 22:04


Callie is a nick name.

Ciela · 26/08/2022 22:30


anotherpotoftea · 26/08/2022 22:32

Cora is a great name.

Mumofgirls2017 · 26/08/2022 22:40

Oooh I love both. Maybe Cora if had to pick!

MrsOwainGlyndŵr · 26/08/2022 22:42

I really like Cara - a bit of a cross between the two.

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