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Callie or Cora

37 replies

Mummytobe333 · 26/08/2022 18:32

Looking for opinions what you prefer please 😊

OP posts:
Linnet · 26/08/2022 22:47

I like both, and I also think Callie is more of a nickname. My dd’s name, which is mentioned on this thread, is shortened to Cally by her friends.

Emmelina · 26/08/2022 22:54

Cora was on my girl shortlist!

AliBaliBears · 27/08/2022 00:47

I prefer Cora (and like Cara even more!)

Callie is ok but feels a bit insubstantial, like it should be short for something. Being Scottish, it names me think of Caley Thistle or Glasgow Caledonian University (often referred to locally as 'Cali').

GlassDeli · 27/08/2022 00:53

Callie is much nicer. Cora sounds like a kitchen gadget for apples.

midsomermurderess · 27/08/2022 06:34

I like Cora, from Greek (maiden/ Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter).

PippaWater · 27/08/2022 07:20

Definitely Cora.

Snowiscold · 27/08/2022 07:38

I don’t much like Cora, but Callie would be better if short for Calista, Caroline, Camilla etc. Cara is better than Cora.

BobbysGirly · 27/08/2022 10:16

Cali is short for California

Callie or Cora
WTFNowPeople · 27/08/2022 10:19

Went to school with a really nasty girl called Cora so Callie gets my vote

halfsiesonapotnoodle · 27/08/2022 10:24

Cora=corer. Awful. Cara and Cassia are a million times nicer. Cali is OK.

yikesanotherbooboo · 27/08/2022 11:57

Callie as nn for Caroline.
Cora is nice but a bit fashionable for me.

DramaAlpaca · 28/08/2022 03:04

Difficult. I think Callie, but would want it short for something. Caroline, probably.

I can't decide if I love or hate Cora. It's sort of growing on me, very slowly.

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