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Do you prefer Beatrix, Hermione or Meredith?

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SazAJ · 17/08/2022 07:53

Hi baby girl arrived... Brain tirned to mush...

Do you prefer Beatrix, Hermione or Meredith?

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Middle names no problem as we have ones which sound nice with each option.

OP posts:
Spanielsarepainless · 17/08/2022 18:05

Meredith if you have Welsh connections, otherwise Beatrix. Hermione has been done to death. A friend's daughter was Merolyn. Never met another.

Fivebeanchilli · 17/08/2022 18:06

Ooh what lovely names.
I would choose Meredith first because I absolutely love it. Merry is such a great nn at any age but the full name is great too.
I would go for Beatrix second - it would probably tie for first place if it was Beatrice but I am less keen on the "tricks" ending.
Hermione is my last choice but I still really like it. I would only pick it third because I suspect that she will get a lot of Harry Potter comments - but that's not a bad thing in itself.
Honestly you can't go wrong - they are all lovely.

J0y · 17/08/2022 18:10

Meredith or Beatrice. Love both.
Heroine is desperately ugly though.

Namechangingasouting · 17/08/2022 18:15


Antarcticant · 17/08/2022 18:35


villainousbroodmare · 17/08/2022 18:39

Meredith. Congrats!

OneCup · 17/08/2022 19:09

All I think of when I hear Beatrix is dominatrix I am afraid.
Not too keen on Meredith.

Lunabun · 17/08/2022 19:38

KirstenBlest · 17/08/2022 11:37

Yes, it's from Meredydd pronounced Merr-ED-ith ( th like in this or that not thing or thong) . Meredydd is a lovely name for a boy.
Meredith for a girl sounds harsh and masculine.

I live Wales-adjacent, and I always instinctive hear Mer-ED-ith when I see 'Meredith'. I know a few people with it as a surname.

GlassDeli · 17/08/2022 19:47


stormelf · 17/08/2022 20:02

I much prefer Hermione out of those three but like pp have said it is very entrenched in Harry Potter. If that isn't something you are worried about then go for it. My daughter has a name from a book and a few people have commented on it but it happens once and then people forget about it

MoistBandana · 17/08/2022 20:04

Meredith but I'd likely.niclname her Merida like the princess in brave cause I love that film so much.

I might even call a daughter Merida if I ever have one, which isn't likely as I have no interest in having any more partners or kids..


cptartapp · 17/08/2022 20:12

Meredith. It's lovely.
Don't like the others.

JulesCobb · 17/08/2022 20:15


UnpropitiousNightmares · 18/08/2022 02:11

Congratulations OP, I hope you are doing well. FlowersFlowers

I really love Beatrix.

Marcipex · 18/08/2022 02:36

I like them all, but Meredith slightly the most.

__Beatrix can be Bea or Trixie, both cute.

Hermione is nice, I suppose I think quite dignified. Hermione in Harry Potter is brilliant, beautiful and brave, what’s not to like?

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