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Do you prefer Beatrix, Hermione or Meredith?

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SazAJ · 17/08/2022 07:53

Hi baby girl arrived... Brain tirned to mush...

Do you prefer Beatrix, Hermione or Meredith?

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Middle names no problem as we have ones which sound nice with each option.

OP posts:
Loulou1712 · 17/08/2022 11:15

Beatrice - NN Bea (pronounced bee) 🥰 I'd worry about Beatrix becoming trixie which I personally don't like
Meredith is also lovely
Hermione is unfortunately now too connected to HP

CruCru · 17/08/2022 11:26


Beatrix is lovely but extraordinary popular in my area (I think there is a Beatrice / Beatrix in every year). Plus, how much will it annoy you if people assume it is Beatrice? Because people are annoying that way.

Hermione is lovely but Harry Potter is still too much of a thing to make that name anything but hard work for the owner.

DotBall · 17/08/2022 11:33

KirstenBlest · 17/08/2022 11:02

I'm surprised at the love for Meredith. It's a surname taken from a boy's name.

Agree, and is pronounced differently here in Wales.
Beatrix with the X is fab.

mrselizabethdarcy · 17/08/2022 11:34

Meredith is lovely

WoodlandWalks123 · 17/08/2022 11:35

Beatrix - gorgeous name - congrats on your daughter

KirstenBlest · 17/08/2022 11:37

Yes, it's from Meredydd pronounced Merr-ED-ith ( th like in this or that not thing or thong) . Meredydd is a lovely name for a boy.
Meredith for a girl sounds harsh and masculine.

HowManyTurtles · 17/08/2022 11:50


Hobbesmanc · 17/08/2022 12:28


Meredith I think straight away of Grey's anatomy- but there's nothing wrong with that. Meredith Grey is an awesome character

I prefer Beatrice or Beatriz to the x ending - but Bea is the coolest nn

Sorry Hermione is just a little too connected to Hogwarts

LOSTladyscarlett · 17/08/2022 12:33


ANUsernam · 17/08/2022 12:37

From best to worst:

  1. Meredith
  2. Beatrix
  3. Hermione
Mama1980 · 17/08/2022 12:52

Meredith is my favourite

Pemba · 17/08/2022 13:41

Meredith is the best of the three, it has a nice soft sound. Yes I know it began as a male Welsh name, but it's also been used as a female name for a while now.
Hermione I don't really like, a very harsh sound, also a mouthful.
I also don't like Beatrix really (beer tricks), I also find this harsh. The same with Beatrice. I know they're popular at the moment.

KirstenBlest · 17/08/2022 13:46

I completely disagree with you - it's a surname used as first name. Not great.

LionessesRules · 17/08/2022 13:54



CaptainCreepsBourgeMobile · 17/08/2022 13:56

Go for Beatrix or Beatrice.

Meredith- the horrible woman in The Parent Trap
Hermione- PIA in Harry Potter

AliBaliBears · 17/08/2022 14:20

Love Meredith
Also like Beatrix.
Both have nice shortenings (Meri, Bea)

Not so keen on Hermione - no HP association particularly, if anything I associate it with The Winter's Tale as that's when I first came across it (and remember having no idea how to pronounce it). It's ok, but a bit too long for my tastes.

ODFOx · 17/08/2022 14:34

Beatrix or Hermione
Meredith is the worst of the three.

dozydoo · 17/08/2022 15:42

Beatrix is a beautiful name & Trixy is a lovely nickname! (Might be biased as I have 6yr old Beatrix nn Trixy) 👍

Blowyourowntrumpet · 17/08/2022 15:53

Meredith. Underused and lovely. Congratulations

Duttercup · 17/08/2022 16:00

I also don't like Beatrix really (beer tricks),

Things like this always make me laugh. Beer tricks? What? That's not a thing people say?!

Beatrix is cute, you can dress her in bee based clothing and be adorable.
I worked with a Meridith who went by Meri and was very sweet and good natured and it worked.
Hermione is unavoidably Harry Potter, I think.

DurdleSnore · 17/08/2022 16:04

Vote for Beatrix! I prefer it to Beatrice, the ‘X’ makes it edgier somehow. Not keen on Meredith and Hermione sadly is too linked with Harry Potter for me although it’s a beautiful name.

SazAJ · 17/08/2022 16:35

Thank you all 😊 xxx

OP posts:
tilder · 17/08/2022 17:10


I love Meredith but for me, Merry will forever be a Brandybuck.

orbitalcrisis · 17/08/2022 17:59


Hobbitlover · 17/08/2022 18:02

Our DS would have been Meredith if he had been a girl

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