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monsterastuckiosa · 09/08/2022 18:11

I'm not pregnant, asking for a friend as we're discussing names right now and I suggested asking on here. She loves it, her mum thinks it's 'too 80's'...

OP posts:
ariesalien · 09/08/2022 18:15

Yeah, too 80s/90s for me too. Outdated.

Lauren11x · 09/08/2022 18:16

monsterastuckiosa · 09/08/2022 18:11

I'm not pregnant, asking for a friend as we're discussing names right now and I suggested asking on here. She loves it, her mum thinks it's 'too 80's'...

I personally think it's a little outdated too. I have a cousin called Natasha, she's 25. And every other Natasha I know is around that age or older now :)

KeyErro · 09/08/2022 18:17

Like it

KirstenBlest · 09/08/2022 18:17

1980s name

agedasiago · 09/08/2022 18:34

Natasha, Natacha, Nataša, etc. is a standard form or diminutive of Natalie/Natalia and sometimes short for Anastasia in a lot of languages including Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene and Spanish. It may seem tied to specific time (or "dated") in countries and languages where it's not native and was borrowed as a fad and died out quickly.

Luxa · 09/08/2022 18:50

I like it, as well as Natalie and Natalia. All underused and would make a refreshing change.

SquigglePigs · 09/08/2022 18:54

I like it.

thelastgreatdynasty · 09/08/2022 20:27

I like it

OriginalUsername2 · 09/08/2022 20:40

I saw it and thought “ooh I love it!”

Lightningrain · 09/08/2022 20:41

I don’t mind Natasha but dislike Tash as a nickname so wouldn’t use it. I really like Natalie/Natalia though which is similar.

WibbleBibble · 09/08/2022 20:42

Im not fussed, I also hate Tash or Tasha as it gets shortened to. But if you like it, then go for it!

stormelf · 09/08/2022 20:45

I like it. I was born late 80s and have only known one Natasha.

WGACA · 09/08/2022 20:46

I love Natasha but hate the nickname Tash too.

Kanaloa · 09/08/2022 20:46

I think it’s lovely. I met a baby Nicole a while ago and thought it was lovely - when you work in a nursery the ‘new’ names parents think they’ve discovered are actually the popular ones. Funnily my dd was telling my fil about her friend Harry the other day and my fil said ‘Harry? Isn’t that an old name for a little boy?’ I had to say every other child I know is called Harry!

AdInfinitum12 · 09/08/2022 20:50

Love it.
I knew a Natasha who was very tom-boy, she hated Tash and Tasha and used to go by Nash instead.

SpringIntoChaos · 09/08/2022 20:54

Love it 💗

LilacSloth · 09/08/2022 20:56

I like it although do agree that Tash or Nat aren't great. In my opinion it doesn't matter whether someone thinks a name is 80s, 90s, etc. it just matters that you're giving your child a name you love (and also a name that most people can pronounce and spell) 🙂

Yika · 09/08/2022 21:01

Love it.

TrashPandas · 09/08/2022 21:03

Beautiful name.

pigeonstreet123 · 09/08/2022 21:12

Everyone i know is a 70s baby. Not 80s/90s

Lovely name. Due a come back

PancakesWithCheese · 09/08/2022 21:53

I really like it!

But best not to discuss names you really like with other people.

AmbushedByCake · 09/08/2022 21:56

It makes me think of Black Widow, who is awesome, so it's a thumbs up from me.

Sandysandwich · 09/08/2022 22:00

I know a few Natashas, they get called Natty, Nat and Tash
The T is not pronounced where I am so it becomes Nahhy and Nah

JellyDeels · 09/08/2022 22:11

I agree it is a little dated, but it's a perfectly nice name that would stand out beautifully among all the Ava/Evie/Isla type names that are popular at the moment.

blameitonthecaffeine · 09/08/2022 22:16

My eldest is a Natasha so I obviously love it. She's 24 though and it wasn't common then. But I don't think it's ever been popular enough to be called dated personally

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