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Thoughts on Amber

42 replies

springingup · 29/07/2022 09:25

DH likes Amber

I don't mind it and I can't think of any others. Suggestions welcome!


OP posts:
felulageller · 29/07/2022 09:31

I really like it.

It's underused.

bg21 · 29/07/2022 09:32

I have an Amber, always loved the name and there's actually not that many about

Alfixnm · 29/07/2022 09:32

I really quite like this name. It's pretty

crustyrolls · 29/07/2022 09:36

As a name it's pretty, but I've never met a nice Amber, so my view is skewed.

warnc007 · 29/07/2022 09:44

I have an 8 year old Amber, she likes her name and we have no regrets over the choice.

MissyB1 · 29/07/2022 09:44

I love it!

legalseagull · 29/07/2022 09:52

I love it. Especially for brown/golden brown haired girls

Squidwitch · 29/07/2022 10:03

I have an adult Amber, it's a good neutral but nice name, enough people have it that it doesnt get linked to bad people, but it's unusual enough to probably be the only one in her class at school. My daughter has strawberry blonde hair and it really suits her

springingup · 29/07/2022 10:15

Well what a lovely response ☺️

I agree on the hair colour. I'm very blonde and dh is very dark brown. Our son is blonde so it will be interesting to see what colouring she has!

OP posts:
Friffle · 29/07/2022 10:24

I like it. It's a nice word to say aloud.

lovelychops · 29/07/2022 10:27


RustyBear · 29/07/2022 10:27

crustyrolls · 29/07/2022 09:36

As a name it's pretty, but I've never met a nice Amber, so my view is skewed.

Obviously you've never met my daughter... 😁
It's a lovely name.

KirstenBlest · 29/07/2022 10:29

I know two of different ages. Both are really nice.
As it is a colour/adjective be careful with how it sounds with the surname.

CJones11 · 29/07/2022 10:29

Strong yet subtle and not overused. Really like it 😇

MrsMontyD · 29/07/2022 10:29

It's a nice name and the association with Amber Heard (Turd) won't last.

Gooseysgirl · 29/07/2022 10:33

I think it's a gorgeous name Smile

Luredbyapomegranate · 29/07/2022 10:38

I don’t like it myself, I’m not sure why - because I like Ruby and Emerald, but it’s a perfectly alright name.

ItsDangerousInKingsmarkham · 29/07/2022 10:40

I like it a lot!

PeanutButterOnToad · 29/07/2022 10:42

I like it. It is not an unusual name here in Aus, DD always had one or two in her class at school.

Krakinou · 29/07/2022 10:43

I like it. My first thought was the awful teenager in Spaced, but that’s a funny (and obscure-ish?) reference and might give you some light relief when she hits 13.
Otherwise, it’s a nice sound, pretty colour and doesn’t sound too cutesy for an adult.

Are there any other names you’ve considered and dismissed?

HairyToity · 29/07/2022 10:47

Love the name Amber

SunshineAndFizz · 29/07/2022 10:48

Nice. And not too popular.

springingup · 29/07/2022 10:50

@MrsMontyD that did cross my mind but I agree, I think it'll be forgotten soon enough

OP posts:
springingup · 29/07/2022 10:52

@Krakinou we've really struggled with girls names, a few that came up were Iris, Eva and Ayla

OP posts:
springingup · 29/07/2022 10:54

@Krakinou I've never seen Spaced so have no idea what a teen Amber could be like! 😅 Not sure if it would be a good idea to watch it now or not!

OP posts:
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