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Why are boys names so difficult with our surname?

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Gallante · 26/07/2022 02:01

Our surname is Valentine and really struggling for a boy’s name due to initials.

I want to avoid names beginning: B, C, D, H, I, N, T

So far on list but we can’t agree on any 100%:

OP posts:
Crunchygrass · 26/07/2022 02:06

I think Alexander Valentine is a beautiful name.

weathervane1 · 26/07/2022 02:08


ZandathePanda · 26/07/2022 02:19

James or Joseph goes nicely.
I would be tempted to go for Xavier and have XV as initials.

Pricklesinperil · 26/07/2022 02:24

Scott Valentine
Robert Valentine
James Valentine
Edward Valentine

Personally, I think a J as the middle initial works well with your surname- e.g Scott J Valentine or Robert J Valentine

Penfelyn · 26/07/2022 02:37

I frankly couldn't be arsed to care so much about initials. Stick a middle name in there if you're concerned. Even if his initials were DV so what ? Do you think most people really would associate these random letters with domestic violence ?

I don't say this to be harsh, I just mean you're making your own life harder than it needs to be. I'd understand avoiding initials like BJ or SS but at the end of the day every single letter combination can probably be an acronym for something.

For what it's worth initials didn't hurt Johnson's political career.

larkstar · 26/07/2022 02:38

When you say you are struggling why exclude so many names without giving a good reason - it doesn't make sense? Fair enough if your surname is Hole and you want to avoid first names beginning with A.

DGay · 26/07/2022 02:44

Crunchygrass · 26/07/2022 02:06

I think Alexander Valentine is a beautiful name.

I like Alexander too

MissedItByThisMuch · 26/07/2022 02:45

I think you’re way overthinking the initials thing, but Alexander Valentine is nice. I think pretty much any name goes well with Valentine. Not sure what to suggest - that’s a pretty eclectic list! Agree with pp that James goes well too.

octoberfarm · 26/07/2022 04:03

Ooh, I love Alexander Valentine! Perhaps also William?

Cindie943811A · 26/07/2022 08:11

@Penfelyn Boris’s parents avoided the problem with the initials — his first name is Alexander

Cindie943811A · 26/07/2022 08:22

DV is also used for diarrhoea and vomiting and I wouldn’t want to risk the names other kids could make out of that.
I think you have a very attractive surname OP. There are so many name combinations that sound quite distinguished .
Alexander would be my choice.

Mammyloveswine · 26/07/2022 08:46

Id embrace your surname and go for Romeo Valentine...

Or Beau Valentine..

Thefruitbatdancer · 26/07/2022 08:51

Alexander James Valentine is a beautiful combination of names

Thefruitbatdancer · 26/07/2022 08:52

You'll have two nn's with Alexander: Alex or Xander

Eleusa · 26/07/2022 08:54

It’s a lovely surname and I’d be tempted by a classic name- James, Edward, John/Jack. On your list I like Alexander, not so keen on the others.

Starbeach · 26/07/2022 08:54

Oliver, Michael, James,

1some1 · 26/07/2022 08:56

I'm not understanding the initials problem, just barely get worry about D&V.
There's a lot of alphabet left to you.

I thought the surname would be Coxswain or Smoron, at very least.

AmberGer · 26/07/2022 08:56

Vincent (VV)

Mumofgirls2017 · 26/07/2022 09:51

I like all your names, Alexander probably fave


Fivebeanchilli · 26/07/2022 09:58

I think most of the initials are fine.
I think you need to embrace the cool surname. Alexander is great.
Kai is too short and inconsequential with Valentine. Kit works better if you want a shorter name.
I also like:
Barnaby (I think B - middle initial - V is fine)
Freddie / Frederick

FayCarew · 26/07/2022 10:24

Go for a shortish name with hard consonants.
Alexander is too long
Arlo is too vowelly
Kai - lots of people dislike it
Rowan too unisex
Zachary too long

Vincent and Xavier make the name combination seem lispy, so a No from me

People usually get called by first name and surname, more so if the first name is very popular

Names that will work with the surname IME
Lewis (but not Louis)

Belephant · 26/07/2022 10:39

I really, really wouldn't worry about initials...

But from your list, Alexander Valentine is such a good name!

emmathedilemma · 26/07/2022 13:18

I agree that you're overthinking the initials thing, I don't even know what some of those you've ruled out would stand with a V attached to them!
Your list is all ok apart from Kai which doesn't really flow with Valentine (and is a pretty awful name).
Joshua Valentine
Jacob Valentine
Rocco Valentine
Patrick Valentine
Rueben Valentine
Adam Valentine

Eleusa · 26/07/2022 13:40

Patrick Valentine is an amazing name.

AliBaliBears · 26/07/2022 13:45

Love Alexander Valentine! And the PPs suggestion of Xavier Valentine is great too.

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